Bachmann conveniently misses flight home and cancels debate

We hate to say "we told you so," but we totally did. Rep. Michele Bachmann was in the Capitol today during the vote for the financial bailout. According to the Associated Press, Bachmann missed her flight home to participate in the first debate in the district during this election. Bachmann has received a lot of criticism for her lack of appearances and public debates with her challengers.

According to the Associated Press:

The debate in Congress over the financial bailout has scotched tonight's debate in Minnesota's 6th District race.

Michele Bachmann, the Republican incumbent, couldn't make her flight home in time. Spokeswoman Michelle Presson says Bachmann will likely attend a debate on Wednesday in Stillwater.

Bachmann faces Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg in the district that stretches from the Twin Cities northwest to St. Cloud.

The House voted to reject a proposed $700 billion bailout package. Bachmann was among those voting to reject.

Bachman better dominate her first debate after all of this extra rehearsing.

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