Bachmann conspiracy we can believe in: headaches, Minn. swine flu


If there's one thing we can give Rep. Michele Bachmann credit for this week, it's making insane and inaccurate statements and conspiracies totally acceptable to spew at any moment to make a point.

So now it's our turn. We've got a couple Bachmann-esque and Bachmann-related statements we thought you'd enjoy too.

Over at The Week (via), executive editor Francis Wilkinson has an opinion piece about the crumbling of the Republican message. The Republicans are so disjointed that they've actually let Bachmann take over the airwaves, he says.

He hits the nail square on the head: Every time Bachmann appears on TV, a Republican strategist gets a migraine.

In addition to promoting themselves as conservative leaders, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and their imitators have given public platforms to zesty stars like Michele Bachmann, a previously obscure Republican congresswoman whose sunny ramblings on conspiracy theories and such have made her a YouTube hit for all the wrong reasons. Every time Bachmann gets a television booking, somewhere a Republican strategist gets a migraine.
In other words: Bachmann causes migraines. It's true. It's almost as bad as God killing kittens when you masturbate.

And does anyone else find it an "interesting coincidence" that the first suspected case of swine flu in Minnesota is in Bachmann's district? We're not trying to say Bachmann is to blame or anything, but we just thought it was interesting. Just sayin'.

Perhaps hearing ridiculous conspiracies turned against her will make Bachmann change her ways. Eh, probably not. We've just got too much hope.