Bachmann: Come to D.C. to fight the "crown jewel of socialism"


Rep. Michele Bachmann has a new plan to stop the Democrat's health care reform bill: Get all of her followers to drive to the Capitol and march through the halls of the House office buildings. It's going to be wild!

Calling the health care bill the "crown jewel of socialism," "socialized medicine," and "unconstitutional," she rallied the troops on Fox News's Hannity Show to gather some buddies and come charge House members on Thursday. We're warming up our 1989 Camry as we type this. Let's play clown car and see how many believers we can stuff in there before we chug along to Bachmann's party on the Capitol steps.

Watch her interview with Hannity below.

The GOP is calling this a Nancy Pelosi "house call" and Bachmann urged supporters in an email this weekend:

Can you come to Washington this Thursday, November 5th?

You've spent months now at tea parties and town halls. Your message has been loud and clear: Keep your hands off my health care!

But, Congress hasn't noticed. Speaker Pelosi is plowing full-steam ahead with her budget-busting government takeover of your health care.

It's time to take the town hall to Congress. Come this Thursday to Washington and see your Member of Congress. Tell him or her face to face what you think of their health care bill.

Jon Voight will be there! Will you?

Whoa no way! Tha'ts like Angelina Jolie's dad or something, right? Count us in!

Sue Jeffers, former candidate for governor and hardcore supporter of smoking in eating/drinking establishments, is getting the word out about an organized bus ride to D.C. Sounds like a blast.

The bus ride costs $200 per person, leaves Wednesday morning, and gets back to the Twin Cities late Friday. We can't think of a better way to spend three weekdays. RSVP here.

Watch Bachmann on Sean Hannity: