Bachmann can't stop talking about socialism


Rep. Michele Bachmann loves coming up with the zingers. Apparently she still loves talking about how the United States is slowly becoming a socialist nation. Run for your lives!

In her latest Fox News interview (which she won't let us embed on our site) she continues to scare Americans that the Democratic House and Senate will slowly suck our country into socialism and ruin our lives.

Check it out here. Bachmann, why can't we embed this?

The Star Tribune reported on it this morning and pulled out some of the best quotes:

Bachmann, making a point about how the Republican minority can recover from its Election Day reverses, said "what we have to do is give our positive alternatives to socialism."

"Now that we will have a Democrat in the White House and, of course, running both branches of government, our job will be to make the very positive, distinct difference," she continued. "Not necessarily to help the Democrats enact socialism, in fact to fight it."

Explaining Obama's victory, Bachmann said that "a lot of Americans didn't realize it was Democrats that controlled the House and Senate for the last two years." "I think the American people at the end of the day will say, whoa, wait a minute. I didn't vote for socialism, did I?"

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