Bachmann bags out on Tea Party appearance with Palin


Nevermind, then.

Confirming rumors that have been swirling for days, Rep. Michele Bachmann says she's bagging out on the teabagger convention slated to take place next week from in Nashville.

The convention is being run as a for-profit affair, and she's not sure where the profits will go.

"We're out," Bachmann spokesman Dave Dziok told the Star Tribune. "It comes down to conflicting advice as to how these profits are going to be used after the fact. We'd rather err on the side of caution than do it and find out it's improper."

Bachmann's office also issued a statement that says while she's abandoning the convention, she is not abandoning the teabaggers:

"Some will want to portray her withdrawal as a repudiation of the Tea Party Movement, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Congresswoman Bachmann remains encouraged by all Americans, regardless of political party, who are concerned about this nation's future and dwindling prosperity, and continues to be inspired their passion."

Sarah Palin, who abandoned her job as Alaska's governor so she could hawk a book and sign on as a Fox News talking head, is evidently still headlining the convention -- for a reported cool $100,000.

Palin's fee, not to mention the pricey tickets, have caused a rupture among teabaggers who feel that their movement has been taken over by money-grubbing political hacks.

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