Bachmann avoids question about her Democratic swine flu quote


Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox Business to talk about President Obama's first 100 days. While ripping Obama's economic policies is a riot, even Fox reporters wanted to know: What the heck was she trying to say when she connected Democrats to swine flu outbreaks?

She clumsily avoided the question by leading the conversation back to the economy. She seems to be proud enough of her dodging skills to post it on her own YouTube account. We still would like to know what she really meant when she said that and we likely won't get an answer.

Watch the video below.

Here is what she had to say. The quote comes at about 55 seconds.

"Well, actually, I had a full, uh, conversation that I was having with another station -- primarily about the economy, because that's what we're worried about right now. And we had just found out about the swine flu at that time, the aggressive nature of how far it was progressing. So the real topic of conversation was on the economy, as it should be. The economy right now is at a situation where we're not seeing the level of recovery that we would like to see."