Bachmann and GOP demand health care bill negotiations be televised


How's this for a role-reversal?

Democrats--who, a few short years ago, were a ragtag opposition party ostensibly devoted to restoring transparency to government--are insisting that a critical piece of legislation be hashed out beyond the proles' prying eyes. And Republicans--long considered political/PR foot soldiers for the financial and military elite--are clamoring for more transparency in government.

The counter-intuitive disagreement centers around congressional Democrats' decision to bypass a formal conference committee as both chambers hash out the last details of the health care bill. The Dems denied C-SPAN's request that "all important meetings, including any conference committee meetings" be subject to electronic media coverage.

CNN's Wingnut of the Year, Michele Bachmann, is calling bullshit. In a piece titled "So Much for Transparency" posted on, she had this to say:

"It appears the Democrats wish to do this outside of public scrutiny to speed up the process in hopes of getting it done and signed into law before the President makes his State of the Union speech. This is far from Mr. Obama's pledge to keep the health care reform process open and transparent."

Oh, that Michele. Such a cad, isn't she? Her screed is... totally spot-on? Jesus, what's happening? Static infecting brain... vision blurry... ears ringing... damn you, cognitive dissonance!

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