Bachmann & Associates visited by gay barbarian flash mob [PHOTOS]

Bachmann's worst nightmare: gay barbarians at the gate.

Bachmann's worst nightmare: gay barbarians at the gate.

A gay "barbarian" mob descended on Bachmann and Associates this morning, followed by police.

Local gay rights activist Nick Espinosa organized a flash mob of activists who went out to Marcus Bachmann's Lake Elmo health clinic in hopes of confronting Mr. Michele Bachmann with a pledge to stop practicing anti-gay "reparative therapy." Staff members saw them coming and locked the front door, which didn't stop the barbarians from putting on a spectacle in the parking lot.

The group -- the same pranksters who glitter-bombed the clinic last month -- began a song-and-dance routine to modified Lady Gaga lyrics: "You can't pray away the gay, baby I was born this way!" A man dressed as Marcus Bachmann came out with a whip and yelled, "You barbarians need discipline!" That's when they glitter-bombed "Marcus" -- which reportedly sent him into a dance frenzy of his own.

Check out pictures after the jump, including one of "Marcus" getting "baptized" in glitter.


Note Marcus Bachmann in the bottom right, surrounded by barbarians.

Here's Marcus's baptism by glitter.


Washington County sheriff's office Sgt. Timothy Tuthill told City Pages the protesters had left by the time he arrived at the clinic around 9. He was dispatched to investigate a trespassing call on the protesters.

Tuthill said he expected to find something unusual at the clinic after the call came in.

"I believe it came out as 'dressed as barbarians,'" he says.

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