Bachmann & Associates glitter-bombed [PHOTOS]

Gay barbarians, at it again!

Gay barbarians, at it again!

It appears Bachmann & Associates, Marcus Bachmann's "pray the gay away" clinic, has become the latest victim of a glitter-bomb.

In pictures released by Nick Espinosa, the same gay rights activist who glitter-bombed Newt Gingrich in May, protesters in barbarian costumes are seen showering the lobby of the Christian counseling clinic where young gay people are sent to get scared straight.

The costumes, and Espinosa's tweeted messages like, "barbarians at the gates," are a reference to Marcus Bachmann's infamous description of gay people as "barbarians" who "need to be disciplined." Looks like the barbarians have taken their revenge.


There's no word yet on what happened in the moments after these pictures was taken, but it's  worth mentioning Michele Bachmann called Capitol Police after she was hit with a similar glitter bomb in San Francisco.

It can be safely assumed that a prayer was said for all of the people in these pictures. As for the gay kids forced to take therapy inside the clinic, exposure this kind of thing will probably set them back weeks in their recovery.