Bachmann aide Andy Parrish moves to Bachmann for President post

Bachmann's chief of staff has a new gig.

Bachmann's chief of staff has a new gig.

Andy Parrish is one Michele Bachmann staffer who isn't jumping ship because his captain is crazy: ABC is reporting that he's leaving his position as her congressional chief of staff in order to take a position with Bachmann for President.

That would be the Bachmann for President organization that isn't official yet, because America's Craziest Congresswoman hasn't formally declared her candidacy for the White House.


In the meantime, God's anointed her, and she's hired Haley Barbour's pollster.

Maybe the pollster, Ed Goeas, can do something about the fact that while Bachmann's getting plenty of press, she's trailing in the polls. Badly.

Parrish played a key role in Bachmann's 2006 congressional election victory over DFLer Patty Wetterling, and worked with Bachmann until 2008 when he took a position with AARP Minnesota. He rejoined Bachmann's staff in 2010 after Ron Carey, her third chief of staff, bailed out.

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