Baby flies from car, drunk mom pleads guilty


Remember our Willmar "Mom of the Year" who failed to buckle her baby into the car seat, which resulted in the month-old infant flying from the car into the street? Oh and then she left the scene, baby in the street. The woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of criminal vehicular operation for the May 6 incident.

The child wasn't seriously injured, but was found with a scratch to his forehead. Elaine Martha Velasquez, 22, admitted she was negligent and her child was injured due to her actions.

Now please stop reproducing.

The story recap from the Star Tribune:

Prior to the incident, Velasquez was arguing with a man at a home in the park. She and the man got into the car, a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, and the baby was placed in the car seat in the back. The seat was not attached to the car's seat belts.

A woman reported seeing the car speeding toward the cul-de-sac and then making a left turn that was so hard, the tires squealed, the right back door swung open and the car seat flew out.

The witness heard a baby crying from the pitched car seat as Velasquez and the man continued arguing. The man then left the scene on foot, and Velasquez drove off.

More from the Pioneer Press:
She could receive a maximum sentence of one year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine for the gross misdemeanor conviction.

In testimony offered while entering the plea, Velasquez said she was pressing on the brakes to slow her vehicle as she rounded a curve when the back door opened and the child seat holding her baby flew out.