Baby flies from car, drunk mom flees the scene


Nope, this isn't a trashy comedy film about hicks in trailer parks. This story is real and terribly embarrassing. Why people like this reproduce is beyond us. Save the human race by not making more humans to destroy.

Willmar police say a drunk mom took such a sharp turn in a cul-de-sac at a trailer park that the back car door swung open and her 4-month-old fell out into the street after not being strapped in. To top off the classy move, the mom sped off, leaving the crying infant in the street.

Tuck and roll, baby.

Elaine Velasquez, 22, was arrested Wednesday and charged with a long list of crimes: drunken driving, child endangerment, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license. During the breath test, she had a blood alcohol content of 0.125 percent

Luckily the baby survived with minimal injury. The infant had a forehead scrape and was kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

More from the Star Tribune:

Prior to the incident, Velasquez was arguing with a man at a home in the park. She and the man got into the car, a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, and the baby was placed in the car seat in the back. The seat was not attached to the car's seat belts.

A woman reported seeing the car speeding toward the cul-de-sac and then making a left turn that was so hard, the tires squealed, the right back door swung open and the car seat flew out.

The witness heard a baby crying from the pitched car seat as Velasquez and the man continued arguing. The man then left the scene on foot, and Velasquez drove off.

When police found her, she apologized and asked if her baby was OK. How sweet of her.

In other excellent Minnesota parenting news, a Brainerd woman has been sentenced for biting her child. It's a highly effective discipline method, or so we've heard.