AWOL: Robyne Robinson missing on Fox 9 broadcast

Outgoing-Fox 9 News anchor Robyne Robinson was noticeably absent from her regular spot on the 5 p.m. news today. In her stead sat Fox's Marni Hughes.

Her fellow anchors did not address why Robinson was AWOL during the broadcast (her last day is supposed to be tomorrow), but the Pioneer Press's Amy Gustafson--whom Robyne Robinson has chosen to be her mouthpiece--says via Twitter that Robinson was stuck in traffic:

Robyne Robinson not on 5 newscast YET because she got stuck in traffic coming back from a radio interview according to Fox spokesperson.less than a minute ago via web

The timing seems a little strange. Robinson confirmed rumors yesterday that she is considering an offer to be gubernatorial Matt Entenza's running mate.

Kelly McBride, ethics expert at Poynter Institute, said Robinson appearing on the news after publicly confirming her potential bid was a conflict of interest.

Said McBride in an interview earlier today:

"While she's making the decision, take her off the air, especially since she's publicly known."

Robinson's longtime co-anchor Jeff Passolt did make one ominous reference to Robinson on tonight's news. During a report about an interview with Entenza, Passolt said:

"He also talked about our old Robyne Robinson as a potential candidate."

"Our old Robyne Robinson?" Is that a cryptic clue?

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