Avoid swine flu: Cancel your flight!


Image courtesy of star5112 on Flickr

Looks like Sun Country, NWA, and Delta will let you cancel your travel plans to Mexico. Because, yeah, you can't really drink a fruity rum drink on the beach while wearing a swine-flu mask.

Here's more details from the Pioneer Press:

Travelers scheduled to go to Mexico on Delta before May 6 can reschedule without any change fees. Travelers can even cancel a reservation and use the value of the ticket toward another, if the new flight takes place within a year from the date the original ticket was issued.

But the ticket must be reissued by May 6 to avoid the change fee.

Sun Country passengers booked to Mexico through May 12 can rebook without a fee too. The new trip has to occur no later than June 15. Those who don't rebook by May 12, you can use their ticket as a credit for another trip within one year from the date of purchase. But change fees apply after May 12.

What a pleasant surprise. Nice to see that the airlines don't treat a health outbreak as they do weather. Snow storm got you stuck? Too bad; you pay for your hotel and inconveniences.