Austin Krause, angry Farmington goalie, explains why he screwed his own team

Krause: "[I]t's just a game get over it."
Krause: "[I]t's just a game get over it."
Image by Tatiana Craine

Regardless of anything he may have accomplished on the ice, Austin Krause's high school hockey career will undoubtedly be best remembered for the way he screwed over his own team at the end of his Senior Night game last night.

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Krause, a senior at Farmington High school, tied the game with three minutes left by intentionally scoring in his own net, then flipped the bird to his bench and skated off the ice (click link above to see the footage).

As the video went viral, Krause took to Twitter to explain himself.

Here's what he said:

It's unclear whether the 10-day suspension Krause refers to is from school or from the hockey squad, though one can only assume last night's tirade means he quit the team [Update -- Krause's suspension is indeed from school, according to new reports]. Internet celebrity comes with a price, apparently.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A report in the Farmington Independent shares a Facebook post Krause published after the game. Here it is:

They played this sophomore goalie for the starter, he was terrible, I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time but they never really listen to me or gave me a chance to show them that I'm a better goalie but still wouldn't trust me so I had it it with I asked a few of my players if they care if I did it and they didn't care they thought it would be funny so at the third period they dumped it in I stopped it put in my net started to skate off then flicked the coaches not the team the coaches then I saluted them then got off.

My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. [Like my status] if you think the coaches should quit:)

One parent quoted in the Independent report says Krause "got the shaft," as coaches this season played younger players in preparation for the team's debut in the South Suburban Conference next year. But the stats don't show that Krause was clearly superior to his sophomore competition. From the Independent:

Krause played 492 minutes in goal this season and had a record of 5-4-1 as the starter. His goals-against average was 2.8 and he stopped 87.7 percent of opponents' shots. Sophomore Gage Overby has logged about 548 minutes while earning a 5-5 record, a 2.42 goals-against average and a 90.1 save percentage.

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