Austin hit with up to 5 tornados, mayor says


A late Wednesday night storm in Austin, Minn, left at least one person injured and potentially $1 million in damage from up to five tornadoes, says the city's mayor.

It's likely one tornado, and possibly up to five, ripped through the Midwestern city damaging homes and businesses and knocking out power to thousands, according to the National Weather Service. The single injury was not serious.

"It kind of developed on top of us," Austin Mayor Tom Stiehm told the Pioneer Press. "It just kind of 'boom,' it was just there and the intensity got real bad."

More from the PiPress:

Dawn Butler, manager of Windrift Lounge and restaurant, said one man was scraped and bruised when he was inside a shed that overturned twice. Butler said the man went to the hospital as a precaution.

Philipp said there were reports of a handful of other minor injuries. There were no reported fatalities.

KSTP reported that Austin sustained millions of dollars in damage:

And that's not all folks. More severe storms are likely this afternoon and evening, says the PiPress.

A low pressure system will trigger severe thunderstorms later this afternoon, the National Weather Service said. With any severe thunderstorm, tornadoes are possible, particularly in the southern portion of the state. Hail, damaging winds and localized flooding are possible.