Austin Aries, TNA wrestler, receives "severe fine" for crotch thrusting female announcer [VIDEO]

Some think Aries behavior crossed the line from playing the heel to sexual harassment.
Some think Aries behavior crossed the line from playing the heel to sexual harassment.

Austin Aries grew up in Milwaukee but is billed as being from Minneapolis and has spent lots of time here wrestling on the independent circuit. His rise from relative obscurity in the Midwest to the heights of professional wrestling has been remarkable -- last year, the 5'9", 35-year-old Aries won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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But he now finds himself in hot water over an incident that happened on live national TV during the May 9 edition of TNA Impact.

Aries -- real name Daniel Solwold Jr. -- thrust his crotch into the face of female ring announcer Christy Hemme after she botched his ring introduction. Here's the video:

After the show ended, Hemme took to Twitter to characterize Aries's behavior as "unacceptable." (Her tweet has since been deleted.) Aries, however, wasn't in an apologetic mood, at least publicly:

Days after the incident, TNA President Dixie Carter said her promotion has zero tolerance for "inappropriate behavior" and added, "the incident with Austin Aries was taken very seriously and handled immediately." And yesterday, TMZ reported that Aries "was hit with a 'severe fine' by the organization this week after he went off the script during a recent live event and shoved his man bits into a female announcer's face."

TMZ also reports Aries "reached out to Hemme and privately apologized, acknowledging he crossed the line" and that Hemme is "satisfied" with his apology. His Twitter account, however, remains conspicuously devoid of any sort of statement about the controversy.

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