Aussie company offering Facebook friends for a price


There are those among us (and you know who you are) who establish their social pecking order according to the number of friends on their Facebook pages. Now, an Australian company is offering a solution for those who believe that size matters.

uSocial will find you some Facebook friends for price.

"Since the inception of Facebook, people have been feverishly trying to get as many friends or fans as they can in order to market their product or services to," says the company's marketing material. "The simple fact is that with a large following on Facebook, you have an instant and targeted group of people you can contact and promote whatever it is you want to promote.

"But you don't have a large following on Facebook, do you? Well, that's where uSocial can help. We've just launched a world-first range of products which will enable you to invest in packages of up to 5,000 targeted Facebook friends, or up to 10,000 targeted Facebook fans which we will deliver to your very own profile in a matter of weeks."

What do Facebook friends cost? uSocial charges $177 per 1,000. And there's a special promotional rate of about $654 for 5,000. (Facebook limits the number of friends in any one account to 5,000.)

Why bother? Blatant self promotion.

"Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool as anyone with a large number of targeted friends or fans can attest to," uSocial chief executive Leon Hill told Singapore's Straits Times newspaper. "The only problem is that it can be extremely difficult to achieve such a following, which is where we come in."

Here's what I want to know: How much can I charge you to let me be my friend?