Attorneys in Kazeminy case say company didn't conduct thorough investigation


Yesterday we reported on the Texas oil drilling company's conclusion from a special litigation committee that said Norm Coleman was cleared of all wrongdoing in the case. One of Coleman's friends and donors is accused of trying to funnel $75,000 to Coleman's family through his wife's insurance company.

Attorneys for former company CEO, Paul McKim, say the company's special committee was bogus and didn't conduct a full investigation into the case.

The company employed a law firm to do the eight-month investigation and concluded there was no merit to McKim's suit. Coleman was never a party in the case and a judge will decide this week if the case will be dropped.

From Minnesota Public Radio:

"The SLC lawyers were advocates for the corporation, they were not investigators trying to figure out what happened," McKim's lawyer said. "That's my opinion and that's why I believe it's a whitewash."