Attorney Frank Schulte allegedly went on racist Grand Avenue tirade over bad parking job

Something tells us he wasn't leaving an anger management class.

Something tells us he wasn't leaving an anger management class.

Sure, bad parking jobs can be annoying, but this is a little ridiculous.

Frank Schulte, a Minnesota lawyer for 20 years with no instances of professional misconduct on his record, allegedly lost his mind around 10 p.m. last Saturday night at the mere sight of a car parked too far from the curb for his liking.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman named Siyanny Chan was parked in front of the Domino's at 1110 Grand Avenue in St. Paul with her sister and two children, waiting for some food, when Schulte approached.

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He allegedly yelled at her and "starting hitting the hood of her car." Then, when Chan tried to get in between him and her vehicle, he "punched her in the right arm."

Schulte "was also calling Ms. Chan, who is Asian, racial slurs loudly enough so that others in the area heard him," the complaint says.

Schulte allegedly went as far as attempting to strangle Chan, but she was eventually able to get away and call 911 as he hopped in his vehicle and drove off.

When cops arrived, Chan's sister corroborated the story and told officers she was scared for Siyanny's life.

Police tracked down Schulte at his apartment. He told them "he was leaving a meeting and was angry because the vehicle Ms. Chan was occupying was parked far from the curb," the complaint says.

"He admitted to 'losing it,' and thumping on the hood of her car with his fist," it continues. "He also admitted to calling her some 'silly racist things,' but did not recall punching or pushing her, saying that he 'blacked out.'"

The St. Paul city attorney charged Schulte with one gross misdemeanor count of interfering with an emergency call, one misdemeanor count of causing fear of bodily harm, and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

A call placed to the Frank Schulte Law Firm went unanswered, and no answering machine was activated to record a voicemail.

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