At least the Mall of America is recession proof

At least the Mall of America is recession proof

While the rest of the state is talking gloom and doom, the Mall of America keeps drawing in the poor and depressed impulse buys. Keep them coming!

MOA sales are up 5 percent from last year at this time, according to the Associated Press. The MOA representative says stores catering to the middle and upper class are doing best.

According to the Associated Press:

Mall of America public relations director Dan Jasper says the mall is "recession-resistant" because its customers come not only from the Twin Cities, Minnesota or the Upper Midwest, but from all over the country.

Whew. We were worried yesterday after we read this blog post that said the Mall of America was getting too "ghetto". The reason? Well, there are ten of them (including hair shops and nail salons), but here is the best:

If you go at night, you'd better have on a bullet proof vest--cause the "complexion" of the customers change! We were at the Mall of America around 9 p.m. this past weekend, and we saw a bunch of young high school gang members, just standing around, loitering--not shopping--throwing up gang signs and scowling at folks walking by. I looked at Shawn and said "Get me out of here. Cause when the Crips and Bloods start battling, I don't want to get caught up in the crossfire." We had to hurry up and get to Nordstrom's. It was like Nordstrom's was the safe place to be--anywhere else could result in robbery or injury.

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