At-large Faribault stabbing suspect turns up bloody and pantsless at rural home

Wilson spent Saturday night sleeping outside following his alleged one-man crime spree.
Wilson spent Saturday night sleeping outside following his alleged one-man crime spree.

Saturday afternoon, Faribault police responding to a report of a stalled vehicle near the police station came across a grisly surprise. Inside the car was an unresponsive woman who had apparently been stabbed around 40 times, along with two very young children who were unharmed.

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A witness later came forward to say the person responsible for the stabbing was the woman's boyfriend, 27-year-old Shane Wilson. But Wilson was nowhere to be found.

Shortly thereafter, police in Owatonna -- a southern Minnesota town a short ways south of Faribault on I-35 -- received a report of a stolen 2001 Chevrolet Impala. The car Wilson drove from Fairibault was found nearby.

A short time later, the stolen Impala was found engulfed in flames alongside a rural road about a dozen miles south of Owatonna. Police searched the area for Wilson Saturday night, to no avail, and alerted residents they were on the lookout for an armed and dangerous at-large suspect.

Wilson turned up the next afternoon, and he was in rough shape. The Faribault Daily News explains:

The big break in the search came on Sunday when Wilson reportedly knocked on a couple's door on Southwest 90th Avenue about 12 miles southwest of Owatonna. Curt and Brenda Volkman had learned Saturday night from a neighbor that a stabbing suspect was believed to be at large in the vicinity of their home. They locked their vehicles and home before going to bed.

At about 1 p.m. Sunday, the Volkmans heard a knock at their front door and peeked out a window to see who it was.

"He was covered in mud and blood," Brenda Volkman recalled about four hours after she and her husband discovered Wilson on their front step. "He had blood on him and no pants on. We just knew it was him."...

"He said, 'Help me, Mr. Volkman,'" Brenda Volkman said. "He used our names. If our neighbor hadn't told us what was going on I think we would have opened the door. It's common courtesy to help our neighbors."

Brenda Volkman called 911, and Wilson was arrested shortly thereafter without further incident. Police officials say it was clear Wilson had spent Saturday night outside. The Daily News reports Wilson was "muddy, cut up and hypothermic" when he was arrested, and he was taken to an Owatonna hospital before being taken to Rice County Jail in Faribault. No charges had been filed as of this morning.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old stabbing victim underwent surgery and is expected to live.

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