Ask Google: Who's on steroids?

Another cliche whose time has come


This spring's congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball ratcheted up the standing of one of the sturdiest cliches of journalism and webloggery: the habit of calling something extreme or remarkable by referring to it as "[some other thing] on steroids." A Google search of "on steroids" yields 627,000 returns; of the first 100, only 26 point to web entries that are actually about steroids. 

But there's a zeitgeist index of sorts in the terms paired with the phrase. Besides a whopping 43 entries devoted to web geekery (Firefox on steroids, Internet Explorer on steroids, ad nauseam), the first 100 returns also pair these terms with the power-cliche of the day:

Guantanamo, deregulation, opportunism, executive paychecks, capitalism, day trading, TV, PR, states' rights, Starbucks, and Married Gay Martians.    

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