Ashley Renee Couch sentenced for throwing baby in snowbank

The March argument between Ashley Renee Couch and Deontae Thurmond that ended with her tossing their baby in a snow bank is now taking her to jail.

The 21-year-old Minneapolis woman will spend a year behind bars for her role in the episode that made headlines all over the country.

She and Thurmond, 19, had been arguing that day, and he had grabbed some money and run out of her home. She grabbed the baby, who was dressed in only a t-shirt, and took off after him.

Depending on who you believe, she then either dropped the baby as she tried to chase him down -- her story -- or, as witnesses said, she threw it down into a snowbank. Either way, she left it there, slowly succumbing to exposure before a passerby picked the baby up and called 911.

The baby survived. Couch pleaded guilty in April to child endangerment. She was sentenced yesterday.


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