Asad Zaman, TiZA boss, withdraws $356,000 bankruptcy claim

Asad Zaman is no longer a creditor of TiZA
Asad Zaman is no longer a creditor of TiZA

Former TiZA Executive Director Asad Zaman withdrew a claim worth $356,406.01 against the school's bankruptcy estate this week.

Zaman co-founded Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, which in 2009 became perhaps the most controversial charter school in America when the ACLU of Minnesota filed a lawsuit against the academy. The ACLU alleged that the school was teaching Islam on the taxpayer dime. For more on that lawsuit, check out our February feature, "The Truth Behind TiZA."

Earlier this week, we reported that the ACLU had reached a settlement agreement with Zaman. We also reported that Zaman resigned from Quest Academy's school board less than half an hour after the settlement was reached. There was speculation that the resignation was linked to the settlement. There's speculation that Zaman's withdrawn claim is also related.

"That's a duh question," said a source involved with the case. "Of course it's related. He had a claim of several hundred thousand dollars."

In bankruptcy cases, creditors of the bankrupt entity are allowed to file claims with the court for whatever amount they feel due. Zaman filed a claim last November including $9,346.81 for payments due to him last August, a $29,267.78 severence payment, and a $317,791.42 buyout. His contract as TiZA's executive director went through June 2014.

The bankruptcy trustee's job is to sort out which claims have merit and which do not. TiZA trustee John Hedback will not have to make any decisions about Zaman's claim, however, now that Zaman has withdrawn it.

Zaman submitted a letter to Judge Robert Kressel Monday. It was "received" and filed by the court yesterday. It's a short and simple statement notifying the court that he is withdrawing his claim "for an amount of $356,406.01."

Zaman hung up the phone before a reporter could ask him questions this afternoon.

"I have no comments," Zaman said. "Thank you for your time."

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