Arrests made in YouTube assaults

St. Paul police have made at least two arrests in relation to a YouTube depicting young men randomly attacking unsuspecting passersby. After fielding numerous emails and phone calls from tipsters this morning, authorities had what they needed to go ahead and nab the suspects. (btw: If you're going to film yourself committing crimes in broad daylight, it's probably not a good idea to superimpose your given name immediately before going through with it).

The PiPress had the details:

Investigators believe the assaults happened last weekend and that "a good deal" of them were in St. Paul, Schnell said. Police, led by investigators in the gang unit, have been working to identify and contact suspected attackers in the video, he said. The beginning of the video shows eight young men, including their faces, along with their supposed names and street names (among them are "Shark" and "Gun Play").

We wouldn't be surprised if more arrests are made before this thing blows over. We're still waiting to hear back from the St. Paul Police Department's public information officer Paul Schnell on that score. (Evidently it's been a busy day for Schnell-- his cell phone voice mail is full). In any event, we'll keep you posted.

In case you haven't seen the video by now, here it is.