Arnold Darwin Waukazo: murder suspect was in romantic relationship with Krissy Bates

Arnold Darwin Waukazo is accused of killing Krissy Bates.
Arnold Darwin Waukazo is accused of killing Krissy Bates.

Arnold Darwin Waukazo, the Blaine man being held in jail on suspicion of murdering transgender woman Krissy Bates, was in some kind of romantic relationship with the victim.

Police have been told that Waukazo was dating Krissy Bates. Shortly after New Year's, the transgender woman introduced Waukazo to a neighbor as her boyfriend, and they shared a few drinks.

Until his arrest yesterday, Waukazo had very little contact with police. He once called in a fire in Blaine. Another time, he reported an alarm going off at a local business.

"We haven't had any contact of a criminal nature," said Capt. Kerry Fenner of Blaine Police.

The only criminal history Bates has with the courts is a citation in 2008 for being a public nuisance. His Facebook profile says Waukazo is interested in "the Internet" and "Putting People Down."

Waukazo is being held in Hennepin County Jail on probable cause murder, without the possibility of bail.

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