Arne Carlson vs. Tim Pawlenty


We've been calling out T-Paw for putting his presidential ambitions ahead of the state for some time now, but today criticism came from an unexpected quarter: Republican Governor Arne Carlson.

Although the two have clashed in the past, these were some of the most pointed comments to date, and Carlson went straight at Pawlenty on the issue of putting Minnesota second to his national speaking schedule.

"This is a time as never before in my lifetime when the governor has to be at the helm of the ship fulltime."

"Frankly it's a criticism that Minnesotans have been dancing around, because nobody wants to offend anyone except privately."

Carlson also criticized T-Paw for his stubborn unwillingness to negotiate with the state legislature.

"If you don't like negotiating with the legislature you really ought not be governor," said Carlson about Pawlenty, "because they are part of the solution."