Arne Carlson vs. C.J. and the Star Tribune

Arne Carlson: Tsk, tsk, C.J.
Arne Carlson: Tsk, tsk, C.J.

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson has taken the Star Tribune and its gossip columnist C.J. to task for writing up the scandalous details of what looks like the end of Ted Mondale's marriage.

Ted, son of Walter and currently the head of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, was spotted -- by C.J. herself -- walking through downtown Minneapolis in early July, and captured zipping away from a Star Tribune camera with a woman at his side. That woman, C.J. later learned, was not his wife.

So she went to the source, Pam Mondale, who told C.J. that she and Ted were still married, but only "legally," and that they'd be getting a divorce.

Now, Arne Carlson is blogging his displeasure about the coverage.

"It is," Carlson wrote of the column, "little more than gossip and fiction and is not subject to any journalistic standards."

Ted Mondale, reportedly "spotted" by C.J. with a woman who isn't his wife.
Ted Mondale, reportedly "spotted" by C.J. with a woman who isn't his wife.
Star Tribune

It seems more than likely that Carlson is upset firstly over the fact that his friend Walter had his kid's divorce announced, publicly and scandalously, in a newspaper gossip column.

C.J.'s piece that inspired the statesman's displeasure is, at points, a bit thin:

On Monday I got another tip about a guy thought to have been Ted with a woman at the bar of a suburban restaurant. Others didn't seem to recognize this man, who seemed to do more looking forward than talking to the woman seated at his side.

Journalism! C.J. also wrote up her exchange with Ted the night he was spotted walking downtown with a woman who's not his wife. It happened to be the night of a party thrown by and for Kim Kardashian, which C.J. knew really needed to be covered.

As C.J. looked for celebs on their way in, she saw Mondale walking, and fired a question.

 I told him I'd been hearing rumors around his marriage, that he was getting a divorce. "C.J., you're causing trouble," said Ted. "You're causing trouble."

But Pam's confirmation, that the two are separating -- which C.J. noted by saying that Pam was "looking terrific" -- seems to confirm that C.J. was on to something.

In his blog post, titled "Please No More Gossip," Arne Carlson pines for the good old days when the Star Tribune gossip writer was mostly just a booster for the city. Now, any public figure walking around downtown might get a quick-fire question about his marriage.

Carlson wonders whether Star Tribune publisher Michael Klingensmith would welcome the same examination.

"It is not too much to ask the Publisher about journalistic standards and whether he is willing to allow his personal life and the personal life of his family to be publicly reviewed in the same fashion he permits CJ to examine the lives of others.

A public dialogue is clearly warranted and, preferably, a true change made."

Well, Arne, so long as you're in the blogging business, maybe you'd like the column? At what distance can you spot Kim Kardashian? And do you know who she's wearing tonight?

Kim, Kim! Who are you wearing?

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