Armed goon wearing COPS LIVES MATTER shirt smacks guy playing Pokémon GO [VIDEO]


Pokémon GO is a fantasy game that people are playing in real life. Out on the streets, among the other, non-Poké people. 

For the most part, this has led to fun moments of public interaction among previously disengaged folks. 

This video is not that. This clip, apparently recorded in Willmar, Minnesota, shows a touchy — and, eventually, physical — back-and-forth between a couple guys. One wears a shirt that says "COPS LIVES MATTER," and has himself a pistol, visible on his hip. 

The other, the man who filmed the video, claims to be an innocent gamer in pursuit of Pokémon.

As he says, in a line that we cannot love more, "I'm searching for Pokémon, and you're out here trying to shoot people."

Whatever started this exchange isn't captured on video; by the time the camera starts rolling, things between these two have already soured. 

"Are you going to shoot me?" asks phone guy.

"I'd like to," says gun guy.

Then, realizing he's being filmed, Mr. Blue Shirts Matter takes a swipe at him. 

Clearly, there's some history between these two, who are on bad terms but a first-name basis. Our gun guy is referred to as "Bob," and is accused here of having said something about "disease-infested Somali tourists."

Bob, in turn, calls the other guy a "chicken" and a "mama's boy." 

Then they start trading insults about which one of them has fetal alcohol syndrome because of his mother's drinking habits. It's quite literally "no, your mom!" by two adult men on the streets of rural Minnesota. It'd be funny if it weren't sad. And if one of them didn't have a gun. 

Among the many lessons to be learned from this video, a few stand out. Playing Pokémon GO can be dangerous, but maybe not how you'd think; work on your trash talk game, you never know when you'll need it; and last but not least, if you visit Willmar, Minnesota, there is a man named Bob who likes cops and confrontation, but not cameras.