Are you a grown up?

Image courtesy of betweenneverland on Flickr
Image courtesy of betweenneverland on Flickr

There's a test you can take to find out. And by the way, adolescence isn't a real life phase -- at least not in most of the world.

Minnesota Public Radio's always interesting Kerry Miller had a fascinating guest on the show today: Dr. Robert Epstein, a psychologist, professor at the University of California, San Diego, and former editor of Psychology Today. Epstein says that adolescence is a phase created by American modernity, in part by what he called a factory school system. Adolescents act nasty because they are with each other most of their time. Instead, Epstein says, they should be spending time with responsible adults and learning to be nice. These ideas are at the heart of his new book, The Case Against Adolescence.

Speaking of responsible adults, are YOU one? Epstein made up a test that will see just how much of an adult you are. You can take the test here.

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