Are SOS Mark Ritchie and The Uptake BFFs?

Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed seems to be convinced there is some conspiracy going on at the Minnesota Secretary of State's office. Are they in bed with the "partisan" Web site The Uptake? He's pretty convinced of it.

The live feeds usually provided at the state Capitol are not in use this week and The Uptake has been providing an amazing service to people interested in the race by offering free and live video feeds of the state Canvassing Board meetings on their site. 

Here is what Brodkorb had to say:

"Non-partisan" Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office has joined forces with the partisan liberal video-blog The UpTake to provide a live video feed of today's State Canvassing Board meeting. 
This would be like Governor Pawlenty telling Minnesotans to go to Minnesota Democrats Exposed to find out information about his budget proposals. While my blog is more credible, you get my point. This is totally inappropriate.
Brodkorb is referencing a statement sent out by the SOS press office saying that the meeting will be available online at The Uptake's Web site. He neglects to mention that The Uptake's video feed contains no commentary and is the only option for people who cannot make the meeting. 

The SOS is not suggesting that readers research the recount through The Uptake, the office is directing people to a live video feed. That's that. We have enough finger pointing and bickering from the candidates, can we try to not stir up anything more? 

The live video feed is here: