Are Single Bands the next mating device?

CP is way late to the game with this product. It's a series of color coded wrist bands to tell others your relationship status. It's like Facebook for your forearm. But the more we look into it, the more we're starting to think this is a cruel hoax.

While CP was off in a distant land of mountains and evergreens, the Strib profiled an Edina woman who invented this mating device. She seemed up-beat about it all. On her website it states in bold letters: THIS WILL BE THE NEW CRAZE!!!

Or not.

This is how it works: with seven different colors, people can tell your relationship status. Green=divorced. Orange=bi-sexual. Pink=living with someone... etc. Yes, they make absolutely no sense. Just like the bandana in the back pocket of jeans.

In a word: lame.

The product's inventor, Cathie Hill of Edina, said in the Strib story: "I look around and don't know who is available at a park or a bank."

So she created the product to help people flirting in banks and parks?

While we really want to joke about bank flirtations, it makes us pause... Do people actually flirt inside banks?

That's kinda hot.

And completely ridiculous. 

Just like the product.