Are Republicans trying to "Wellstone" Ted Kennedy?

Roy Edroso, who is a regular blogger for our sister paper Village Voice in New York, makes an intriguing comparison between Ted Kennedy and our own Paul Wellstone this morning.

Edroso first reacquaints Manhattan with the way the Right twisted Wellstone's funeral into a hideous caricature:

"His family went and turned his funeral into a goddamned political rally," cried Cold Fury. Andrew Sullivan echoed a friend who "felt the pure partisanship, the jeering and cheering, the fanaticism almost, just after a family has been killed, was about as unseemly a spectacle as anything one could imagine."

Then Edroso cites numerous headlines making the case that the GOP is currently doing much the same thing to Kennedy:

"Ted Kennedy: Another Wellstone," said BitsBlog. "Will Kennedy's Death Bring About a Wellstone Spectacle for Health Care?" asked Wizbang. "Will they be dumb enough to 'Wellstone' Ted Kennedy's memorial?" said Noteworthy. "It's Already Started," claimed Pro Ecclesia, "The Party of Wellstone Uses Kennedy's Death for Political Opportunism."


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