Are Republicans losing interest in the race already?


This is more of an observation/question than it is blog reporting, but does it seem to anybody else like the Republicans aren't making themselves very visible today? CP A-List Editor Jessica Armbruster mentioned that when she voted (and waited in line for more than an hour) this morning, she chatted up a DFL election observer who noted that he hadn't seen any of his GOP counterparts working the polls.

That seems a bit strange. But even more curious is how the GOP is planning on celebrating/licking their wounds. Unlike the DFL which is hosting its watch party in downtown St. Paul per tradition, the Republicans are having their party at the Bloomington Sheraton. Even stranger, when I called to get the info about it, they told me it was closed to the public and only for campaign volunteers. I don't want to read too much into this, but it does seem odd that they would cloister themselves in the burbs. Are they trying to insulate themselves from potential DFL gloating? Make reporters drive far away to get their reaction at the end of the night? Then I had this thought, if/when Sen. Norm Coleman wins his senate race, how awkward is it going to be for him to pop the bubbly anywhere but his beloved Capitol City? Just yesterday he was strolling down Memory Lane with Rudy Guiliani at O'Gara's in St. Paul where he got his start in politics 17 years ago. Hmm. Maybe they just got a better deal on room rates.