Are Jindal, Pawlenty leading the GOP comeback? Fail.


Perhaps the GOP picked the wrong day to launch their "GOP Comeback" site. Yes, they picked a really bad day.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had his one big moment in the spotlight last night and made a total ass of himself. Even the Republicans can't help hanging their heads a bit. Jindal was picked to give the GOP response to President Obama's address to Congress last night and he completely bombed it. It was like watching those terribly painful and poorly made history videos in grade school where the narrator is trying too hard to talk stupid for kids and can't control where his voice goes. Or those really scripted tour guides you hear anytime you walk in public in Washington, D.C.

Well, the Republican Governor's Association is putting him center stage on their new site called the "GOP Comeback". Our very own Gov. Tim Pawlenty even has his cute mug up on the Web site banner. Apparently Republican governors think they are going to run this party back into popularity. Their site surprisingly resembles themes used successfully by Obama, right? The blue tones, the rays of sun, etc etc.

If this is the new face of the Republicans, we hope they all have future jobs lined up because this won't be lasting long. Pawlenty should probably jump ship and ride this out independently before these other Republicans buffoons ruin his career too.

In case you missed Jindal's response:

New York Times columnist David Brooks responded to Jindal's clip and couldn't even seem to come up with all the insults he hoped to cram in. He called it a "disaster for the Republican Party". Now that's impressive.


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The RGA didn't seem to catch all of the insults and launched their site anyway, keeping Jindal right there in the middle to bring the donations streaming in. Bad idea, Republicans!

Best of luck, folks!