Are Bachmann, Quist peas in a pod?


It looks like Republican Allen Quist is jumping into the 2010 race to try and unseat two-term DFL Rep. Tim Walz in District 1. Quist, who served three terms in the Minnesota House and lost the 1994 governor's race to Arne Carlson, is scheduled to make an announcement on his plans today. MDE got the goods in advance.

Walz has already mounted an offense against Quist, linking him to District 6 GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann as "kindred spirits" who share such an "extreme right-wing ideology" that they are "peas in a pod." (Quist's wife Julie is also Bachmann's district director.)

In related Bachmann news -- did we mention she on the cover of City Pages this week? -- Her Quotefulness now says that health care is being rationed by the government after research suggested women don't need mammograms and other tests to detect breast cancer as early and often in their lives than was previously thought.

"Women in particular may lose a great deal of clout in decision making," Bachmann said a press conference yesterday. "We don't know how far government will go in this bureaucracy."

That would be in a real press conference, by the way. Not a fake one. (We should be careful here, of course. We don't want any pistol packers showing up here.)