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  • Savage Love


    Savage Love

    Long story short: I'm a 28-year-old woman in a long-term relationship. In the past, I've been a control freak by day, sex freak by night--but just for one guy, my GGG boyfriend. Recently, I realized that I'm a female cuckold! Nothing gets me hotter ...

    by Dan Savage on December 26, 2007
  • Running with Diablo - Hollywood's hottest screenwriter talks about the price of fame, life in the film biz, and her early days at City Pages


    Running with Diablo - Hollywood's hottest screenwriter talks about the price of fame, life in the film biz, and her early days at City Pages

    Minnesotans might be forgiven for thinking that the year in film revolved around Diablo Cody. The former City Pages editor and current screenwriting star was everywhere, promoting her first film, Juno, in virtually every local publication except Apa...

    by Matthew Smith on December 26, 2007
  • The Top Movies of 2007 - By Our Critics


    The Top Movies of 2007 - By Our Critics

    It's that time of year again. Our six critics (Scott Foundas, J. Hoberman, Nathan Lee, Jim Ridley, Ella Taylor, and Robert Wilonsky) don't always (or often) agree, but we've combined their top 10 lists (allowing for ties) to pretend like they do. He...

    by Luke Y. Thompson on December 26, 2007
  • Article

    That south Minneapolis dirt

    If you live in south Minneapolis, you've probably given some thought to arsenic. I have. Like the other day--you know, the one that was warm--when I turned my back on my two-year old just long enough for him to shove some of that south Minneapolis di...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Severns Guntzel on May 2, 2008 @ 3:05 pm
  • Article

    Breakfast of Champions 5/2: We're Famous

    Like El-P said, we're famous. David Brauer's long evaluation of City Pages for MinnPost is out, and it's quite fair and, dare I say, thoughtful. There's a lot I could talk about here, from the praise for staff writers (which is wholly accurate) to t...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on May 2, 2008 @ 7:16 am
  • Article

    VP Pawlenty Meter: insiders picking Romney as Gov. criticizes McCain's bridge blame

    Last week, we took the unprecedented step of raising the VP Pawlenty Meter to Orange Alert. T-Paw was listed by several pundits among the top tier, with 5-to-1 odds, and had none of the baggage of the other frontrunners. But like a confident young ...

    @ The Blotter by Kevin Hoffman on May 1, 2008 @ 12:44 pm
  • Article

    Breakfast of Champions 5/1: Return of the sleep-deprived angel

    The idea was simple. To prepare himself for constant Grand Theft Auto play, Nate Patrin would play 24 separate games, once an hour, over the course of a day. Late in the game, I would come over with a video camera to monitor him during the most manua...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on May 1, 2008 @ 7:02 am
  • Article

    Target's New CEO Faces Immediate Challenges

    There's a new man on top of the bull's-eye. After more than 40 years with Target, including 14 as chairman and CEO, Bob Ulrich is handing the reins of the nation's second-largest retailer to his longtime sidekick Gregg Steinhafel. Bob Ulrich Tar...

    @ The Blotter by Ben Palosaari on April 30, 2008 @ 7:07 pm
  • Article

    Herbal Remedy

    The Marijuana Policy Project is airing two television ads imploring Governor Tim Pawlenty to back down from his vow to veto a bill legalizing medical marijuana. The first spot began running earlier in the month on cable channels. The second one--fea...

    @ The Blotter by Matt Snyders on April 30, 2008 @ 3:38 pm
  • Article

    Conservative St. Thomas law students back dean in Planned Parenthood flap

    Yesterday, we reported that Thomas Mengler, dean of St. Thomas' law school, barred students from volunteering at Planned Parenthood for school credit. His actions prompted 80 St. Thomas law students to sign an open letter to him decrying the decisi...

    @ The Blotter by Jonathan Kaminsky on April 30, 2008 @ 11:58 am
  • Article

    Breakfast of Champions 4/30: Embarrassment of riches

    When Nate Patrin heard Grand Theft Auto IV was coming out, he knew he'd spend every waking hour playing the hell out of it. Hence, the plan. Nate would spend 24 hours getting every other game he'd wanted to play out of his system. He'd play 24 diffe...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on April 30, 2008 @ 6:38 am
  • Article

    Salvia: The More You Know...

    Ever since our story on the legal psychedelic Salvia divinorum went to print three weeks ago, my inbox has been inundated with emails asking where I bought the stuff, what situations to do it in, etc. "I was wondering where I can get the Purple Stic...

    @ The Blotter by Matt Snyders on April 29, 2008 @ 7:02 pm
  • Article

    Breakfast of Champions 4/29: That was the month that was

    It was a dark day. I was broke. Desperate to make bills so my roommates wouldn't kick me out of our shared house, I turned to my regular capital-generating strategy -- donating plasma. But Alpha Plasma Services turned me away because I'd already hi...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on April 29, 2008 @ 8:43 am
  • Article

    Web Extras: Best Of the Twin Cities interactive map

    Our biggest Best Of the Twin Cities issue yet is live online, and will be making its way around town in perfect-bound format all day. But why wait to see where the hottest spots in Minneapolis and St. Paul are, when you can check out an interactive...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on April 29, 2008 @ 6:54 am
  • Article

    Anti-Abortion Group, Planned Parenthood Agree: Leave Abortion Images at Home

    In 2006, anti-abortion group Vote Yes For Life attempted to essentially ban abortion in South Dakota. They put the ban to the voters, who rejected the measure 55 percent to 44 percent. Vote Yes remained undeterred and has accrued enough signatures to...

    @ The Blotter by Ben Palosaari on April 28, 2008 @ 5:08 pm
  • Article

    Breakfast of Champions 4/28: Dress you up

    It's not that every day is Halloween for the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild. It's that every day might be a stroll through Victorian England, or a jaunt through futuristic spacescapes, or -- you name it. The nascent group (they've been around about si...

    @ The Blotter by Jeff Shaw on April 28, 2008 @ 8:21 am
  • Free Will Astrology


    Free Will Astrology

    ARIES (March 21-April 19): "Ambition is a bad excuse for not having enough good sense to be lazy," my ex-girlfriend Arlene used to say. She claimed to be a Zen master whose duty it was to deprogram me out of my absurd striving to make something of m...

    by Rob Brezsny on December 19, 2007
  • Singular Sensation


    Singular Sensation

    Once (Fox) Easily the year's most perfect pop album--damned good movie too, the finest "musical" of the past 20 years. The disc's making-of refers to it as a "modern musical," but Once is as old-fashioned as it gets: Guy (Glen Hansard) meets Girl ...

    by Jordan Harper on December 19, 2007
  • The Year in Music 2007


    The Year in Music 2007

    The RIAA came to Minnesota for a major victory. Local radio suffered some minor setbacks. The underground scene lost its Church, and the 400 Bar lost a few bricks. From the Prince-a-thon to the unexpected notoriety of Tay Zonday to the marriage of t...

    by Sarah Askari on December 19, 2007
  • Article

    Shoplifting While Black?

    That was hardly an objective look at the situation ("Shopping While Black?" 12/5/07). I wasn't there, but you definitely didn't give the manager a chance to explain much. Why do you take the shoppers' statements at face value, but discount everythin...

    on December 19, 2007
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