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    Coleman says Stevens should step down

    Sen. Norm Coleman said at a campaign stop today that he thinks Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens should step down, according to the Pioneer Press. Stevens was convicted yesterday of seven counts of lying on his financial disclosure forms about gifts and home...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 1:32 pm
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    Bachmann's anti-Tinklenberg site omits her connection to contracts

    Screen shot of Bachmann's new site Rep. Michele Bachmann has a new site against her opponent: Tink Broke the Law. The main point of the site? Here is some of the site text: When Elwyn Tinklenberg was Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of T...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 1:05 pm
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    Franken doesn't make semi-celebs look bad

    They do it to themselves. Don't they realize? Ah yes, now Hollywood is getting in on the Al Franken bashing. Unfortunately the National Republican Senatorial Committee found loser semi-celebs to make the case that Franken makes them look bad. Wait,...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 12:10 pm
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    Petters fraud case creates ripple effect

    The Star Tribune was surprisingly quiet in the last couple weeks about the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme case. Now we know why. Today is the third day in their series on Petters and his business dealings. If you haven't been following the case, it's a goo...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 11:34 am
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    Bachmann and Coleman make list of top race-changing moments

    Rep. Michele Bachmann's MSNBC comments about Barack Obama's potentially anti-American views could be this election season's No. 1 gaffe, according to a list compiled by Politico. Our favorite Senator, Norm Coleman also made the list with his stri...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 10:49 am
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    Star Tribune endorses Tinklenberg, no one in 3rd District

    Yesterday we reported on the WCCO scoop that the Star Tribune wasn't going to endorse one of the Minnesota U.S. House seats. And they were right! The Star Tribune endorsed El Tinklenberg in the 6th District, Rep. Michele Bachmann's opponent who ha...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 10:05 am
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    10/28 Morning Must Reads: Congressional graffiti, ticketsplitters, Franken mailer

    Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: Is the threatening graffiti artist traveling or inspiring copy cats? Authorities in Missouri found similar graffiti on the property of Missouri lawmakers this weekend, but officials aren'...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 10:00 am
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    10/28 Photo of the Day

    Anyone trying to sail that boat on a Minnesota lake in October has to be a little nuts. And it looks like they learned their lesson here on Lake Calhoun. Check out the rest of the photo set to see the epic fail. Photo by Weston Alan, more photos o...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 28, 2008 @ 9:45 am
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    "Drill Baby Drill" makes for dirty politics

    A locally produced online music video has generated a little bit o' controversy after hitting the interwebs early this month. One part cheeky political satire and two parts purposefully provocative offensiveness, "Drill Baby, Drill" caught the attent...

    @ The Blotter by Matt Snyders on October 27, 2008 @ 6:30 pm
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    Bachmann donates Petters-tainted cash to Halloween haters

    Photo courtesy of DumpBachmann We like this story more for its entertainment value than it's ability to sway this election. Just add it to the top of the "Bachmann is for sure off her rocker" pile of goodies. Earlier this month we reported Bachma...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 6:00 pm
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    Obama's loss traced to Bradley Campbell

    Jesus. I thought I had a bad dream. Stayed up too late on Nov. 3 and slept right through the election. Didn't vote and cost the country our chance to elect a black dude with a soft three-point touch and an ultra-tight Caesar. Then this video came in ...

    @ The Blotter by Bradley Campbell on October 27, 2008 @ 5:30 pm
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    Bill Clinton to campaign in Minneapolis

    An official with Barack Obama's campaign told Minnesota Public Radio that former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Minneapolis on Thursday evening for Barack Obama and Al Franken. No other details of the event were immediately available, but...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 5:18 pm
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    Star Tribune won't endorse a House seat

    A good scoop over at WCCO on Jason DeRusha's blog about upcoming U.S. House endorsements scheduled at the Star Tribune tomorrow. The paper is supposed to announcement House endorsements in the Minnesota 3rd district race (Madia and Paulsen) and the ...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 5:00 pm
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    Goldy Gopher chases students will flu vaccines

    This video looks like something straight out of our college nightmares. We had to worry enough about avoiding roofies in our drinks and now we have to keep an eye out for a syringe-wielding mascot. Frightening. If you are a University of M...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 4:30 pm
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    Franken's humor is too smart for Minnesotans

    Comedy about women and bestiality is funny... if the audience is smart enough to get the humor. Apparently Minnesotans are just too stupid to understand the greatness of Al Franken, says Slate. Poor Franken is one of those tortured souls just trying ...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 3:54 pm
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    Coleman denounces comic book mailers

    Since turning off the negativity, Sen. Norm Coleman came out to specifically denounce a particular National Republican Senatorial Committee mailer that is really pissing off some Democrats. Read our previous update on Blotter.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 3:15 pm
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    The Week in Sports

    Diuretics are a big-time NFL no-no for their ability to cover up steroids in your bloodstream. The Pro Bowlers face a four-game suspension if (more likely when) their appeals are denied. This could be a season killer for Minnesota. The Golden Go...

    @ The Blotter by Ben Palosaari on October 27, 2008 @ 2:15 pm
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    10/27 Photo of the Day: Guthrie Endless Bridge

    The Guthrie Theater announced the winner of the Endless Bridge Photo Contest. The theater received 173 photos for the Grand Prize: a pair of Guthrie season tickets and a Nikon digital camera. This winning photo was taken by Katie Cannon of Minneapo...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 1:15 pm
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    Bachmann continues to inspire greatness in Republican party

    We've got eight days left until this is all over and there is no sign that Rep. Michele Bachmann's fame will tumble under any other campaign drama. People can't get enough of her. Here is a recap of what you missed this weekend. It's all Bachmann all...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 12:15 pm
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    Why did the Star Tribune endorse Coleman?

    There was some pretty serious (and completely ridiculous) chatter this weekend after the Star Tribune endorsed Sen. Norm Coleman for reelection. Was it strategic? Do they even like Coleman? Do they hate Al Franken? What's the deal?MN Blue says the de...

    @ The Blotter by Emily Kaiser on October 27, 2008 @ 11:15 am
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