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    Smoke and Mirrors

    AFTER 25 YEARS under a federal court order to integrate its ranks, you'd think the Minneapolis Fire Department would learn how to diversify its hiring. But on Monday, MFD hiring officials will once again stand trial on charges that they used a biase...

    by Britt Robson on April 16, 1997
  • Poetic Injustice


    Poetic Injustice

    AMONG THE EVENTS scheduled for National Poetry Month, the tribute to the late John Engman stands out as a potent reminder of the sorry state of support for contemporary American poetry. Engman, an esteemed local poet and teacher, suffered a massive ...

    by Ellen Levy on April 9, 1997
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    U Dance We Dance

    BIG DOINGS AT the U of M dance program this weekend, when its students present their annual spring concert. It features what I'd call some serious choreography, including signature works by some of the country's most accomplished choreographers: Lar ...

    by Joan Freese on April 9, 1997
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    Trojan Transitway?

    THE BATTLE OVER expanding Hiawatha Avenue has been raging in South Minneapolis for a few years now, with environmentalists protesting the Minnesota Department of Transportation's plan to run a four-lane highway alongside the "urban wilderness" of Mi...

    by Monika Bauerlein on April 9, 1997
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    Genes Will Tell

    SEN. RANDY KELLY (DFL-St. Paul) likes to engage in the kind of debate that, in his parlance, makes "people think outside the box." Which is exactly where he was reportedly going when he recently invited a Plymouth geneticist to address a state Senat...

    by Beth Hawkins on April 9, 1997
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    Taking the Third - A federal investigation is looking into misconduct at the MPD's Third Precinct -- but how far will it go?

    A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION currently underway at the Minneapolis Police Department may shed unprecedented light on some of the department's darker corners. The inquiry, which is being conducted by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office, is said to be ce...

    by Steve Perry on April 9, 1997
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    Math for Dummies

    WHAT'S GREEN, MAKES the world go 'round, and could slip through your fingers if you don't get busy? "You want to answer 'the environment,' right? Good. But just between us, you'd be wrong." Craig, our thirtysomething seminar leader at North Star Mar...

    by Josie Rawson on April 9, 1997
  • Friends of Webb


    Friends of Webb

    WEBB HUBBELL'S PERFOR- mance on 60 Minutes showed that, as they say in politics, he is a man who stays bought. Hubbell, who was the First Couple's closest friend and Hillary Clinton's law partner, had made it clear before the interview that he would...

    by Doug Ireland on April 9, 1997
  • Shrink Rapped - Did a local Psychologist conjure a patient's "memories" of cannibalism and torture?


    Shrink Rapped - Did a local Psychologist conjure a patient's "memories" of cannibalism and torture?

    WHEN LOCAL PSYCHIATRIST Dr. Diane Bay Humenansky was hauled into court the summer of 1995 ("Spellbound," 8/23/95), experts maintain it marked the beginning of the end for the "recovered memory" movement. Since that day, courts have gone after other ...

    by City Pages Staff on April 9, 1997
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    Destroying the University to Save the University - A long and rancorous effort to do away with tenure and run itself more like a business has set the University of Minnesota back for years to come.

    On April 16, 1996, the Minnesota Daily carried two front-page stories that had a lot to say about the changing priorities of the University of Minnesota. On the right side of the page, an article and photo reported on the installation of Coca-Cola v...

    by Britt Robson on April 9, 1997
  • Words Big & Little


    Words Big & Little

    WALKING UP TO the MIA's Dale Chihuly: Installations 1964-1997, we didn't quite know what to think of the first piece, a nearly 20-foot cascade of sparkling blue glass tendrils. Sure, it's pretty, but shouldn't it be in an office-tower lobby somewher...

    by Julie Caniglia on April 2, 1997
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    Big Brother

    THE OPENING OF the trial of Tim McVeigh this week for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma, and the collective suicide of 39 California cultists last week, are combining to whip the American public's security hysteria to a fever pitch. New ...

    by Doug Ireland on April 2, 1997
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    Riverfront Double Play - Developer and Sports Facilities Commissioner Peggy Lucas pursues both a new ballpark and upscale condos

    According to an old saw, every city has its conflicts of interest, but only in Minneapolis do they call them civic responsibility. A case in point: When Peggy Lucas was recently reconfirmed for a second term on the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Com...

    by Beth Hawkins on April 2, 1997
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    Clinical Trials

    AT THE FREMONT Community Clinic in North Minneapolis, the plug is about to be pulled on the X-ray machine; doctors can't afford to X-ray their patients and instead will refer them to emergency rooms. Losing the radiology unit is only the latest aust...

    by Joseph Hart on April 2, 1997
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    Gaspo and The Artist

    IT WAS MID-OCTOBER, 1996, and Tom Gasparoli was about to hit the big time. The WCCO-TV investigative reporter was feeling unhappy and unappreciated on the local scene. He'd been toying with the idea of breaking into Hollywood as a screenwriter. So w...

    by Josie Rawson on April 2, 1997
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    Mediocrity Plus

    Since winning their second World Championship in 1991, the Minnesota Twins have acquired a firm reputation among baseball fans as an overachieving mediocrity, and, before fading in the final month to post a 78-84 won-loss record, last year was no ex...

    by Britt Robson on April 2, 1997
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    Growing Pains

    In recent weeks, a favorite play run by the Minnesota Timberwolves in their half-court offense calls for power forward Tom Gugliotta to loft a high "alley-oop" pass just above the basket, where it is caught in mid-air by streaking, leaping point gua...

    by Britt Robson on April 2, 1997
  • LSGI Again? - The City appears headed toward another lawsuit over property on Nicollet Mall


    LSGI Again? - The City appears headed toward another lawsuit over property on Nicollet Mall

    IT LOOKS LIKE Minneapolis officials have forgotten any lessons they may have learned from the LSGI fiasco of a few years back. For those who haven't been riveted to the latest feud: Two contesting developers, Opus and Ryan, want to build an office t...

    by City Pages Staff on April 2, 1997
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    Home Field Advantage - Why the Star Tribune is cheerleading for a taxpayer-financed ballpark

    As a newspaper story, covering the debate over a new Minnesota Twins stadium should be like shooting fish in a barrel. It's got all the right elements: a business scion blackmailing the state for a bigger slice of the corporate welfare pie; politici...

    by Beth Hawkins on April 2, 1997
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    Boleros by Armando Garzn w/the Quinteto Oriente

    Corason/Rounder Bittersweet and achingly soulful, Cuban Armando Garzn's arresting counter-tenor strolls through this collection of Cuban boleros with such effortless grace that you're almost lulled into overlooking the exquisite detail Garzn us...

    by Rick Mason on March 26, 1997
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