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  • Trust Me, Inc. - The twins don't want Minnesota to miss this fabulous offer!


    Trust Me, Inc. - The twins don't want Minnesota to miss this fabulous offer!

    EVEN THE TWINS now admit that the misleading spin they put on their first proposal for a new stadium back in January was a major PR blunder, but the real question is whether they've learned anything in the meantime. It turns out that there's a big-ti...

    by City Pages Staff on March 5, 1997
  • House Calls


    House Calls

    To: Warren Littlefield President of Entertainment, NBC From: Michael Crichton Re: The Defibrillator Item: ER is the number-one-rated drama in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Guam. For nearly 89 million Americans, this TV, as the slog...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 26, 1997
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    Astronomical Angst

    MY FRIEND ETHAN, a Ph.D. candidate, is practiced in the sort of skepticism that makes folks avoid grad students at parties: Give him an argument and he will seek the flaw in it. But when he read in a recent New Yorker article ("Is This the End?," Ja...

    by Ellen Levy on February 26, 1997
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    The Long Goodbye

    THE SO-CALLED French abortion pill recently cleared the last hurdle to FDA approval, and should soon be available through doctors and reproductive health clinics. But after years of controversy surrounding its trip across the Atlantic, the arrival o...

    by Beth Hawkins on February 26, 1997
  • Ken & Vince


    Ken & Vince

    VINCENT FOSTER AND Ken Starr had something in common: Both failed to understand that public service demands higher standards of ethical conduct than does the world of corporate lawyering from whence they came. Foster, a lackey for influence-buying g...

    by Doug Ireland on February 26, 1997
  • Bad Company - Dubious informant boomerangs on Hennepin County prosecutors.


    Bad Company - Dubious informant boomerangs on Hennepin County prosecutors.

    DEFENSE ATTORNEYS ALMOST never hear from the jurors who convict or acquit their clients, so public defender Sandra Babcock was amazed at the call she received from one of the jurors who recently acquitted her client, Obuatawan Holt, of attempted mu...

    by City Pages Staff on February 26, 1997
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    Trailer Trash

    DOWN IN LAKEVILLE, there are those who say prosperity is killing them. Take the question of public schools. "We're getting at least 600 new students a year," says Ken Nichols, secondary education director of District 194, "and it doesn't appear to b...

    by Mary Ellen Egan on February 26, 1997
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    Casualties of War - The feds are reportedly weighing a major drug offensive in Minneapolis.

    THE CLINTON YEARS are one Republican dj vu after another. Now, once again, comes Weed & Seed, the Bush-era PR offensive in the never-ending war on drugs. According to reliable sources, Minneapolis very likely will be among a handful of U.S. cities...

    by Steve Perry on February 26, 1997
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    Mr. FixIt - Minneapolis Police Chief Bob Olson came to town with a reputation for pleasing pols and infuriating cops. And he's surpassed himself on both counts.

    The chief stands very straight facing the politicians, a phalanx of cops at his back. They glower at him from the wooden benches of the Minneapolis City Council chambers, three rows deep of black leather jackets. They're members of the Emergency Res...

    by Monika Bauerlein on February 26, 1997
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    Chemistry Majors

    The Minnesota Timberwolves were about to blow the game. On Valentine's Day night at the Target Center, the Wolves were leading Orlando by 10 points with little more than five minutes to go in the fourth quarter; two minutes later, the game was tied....

    by Britt Robson on February 26, 1997
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    Inconspicious Consumption

    Franco-American Shnookums & Meat Shaped Pasta with Tomato & Cheese Sauce, 15 oz. can Campbell Soup Company AS THIS COLUMN'S readers are well aware, there are plenty of weird products out there -- the bizarre beverages, the mystery meats, the gad...

    by Paul Lukas on February 17, 1997
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    The New Alaskan Oil Rush

    Probably the most detested vessel in the history of Alaska is trying to come home. Yes, the Exxon Valdez--banned by federal law from Alaskan waters in 1990--is poised once more to make its way up through Prince William Sound to the oil port of Valde...

    by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn on February 17, 1997
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out


    Garbage In, Garbage Out

    THE TREES HAVE grown sturdy around the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Facility. Planted in the late 1980s as a "landscape buffer," they were intended to serve the same purpose as the earth-brown walls and the fancy name: to soften the exterior of d...

    by Monika Bauerlein on February 17, 1997
  • Buy This President


    Buy This President

    THERE IS A certain amount of hypocrisy in some of the expressions of outrage over the Washington Post's revelations that the Chinese embassy was involved in channeling campaign cash to the Clinton fundraising machine. After all, the U.S. has been in...

    by Doug Ireland on February 17, 1997
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    Sold! - Owners of Village Voice buy City Pages, topple statue of Lenin.

    BY NOW, IF you pay any attention at all to the dailies, you know that City Pages is being purchased by Stern Publishing, the New York-based media company that owns the Village Voice and the LA Weekly. The change looks to be about as bump-free as suc...

    by Steve Perry on February 17, 1997
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    Circuit Cities - Sampling the Local Electronic Underground

    If you came of age during the glory years of local rock and funk, watching the rise of the Replacements, Hsker D, and Prince, you could be forgiven for thinking that, with some small exceptions, the Twin Cities music scene has been creatively dead...

    by Will Hermes on February 17, 1997
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    Woody McBride

    Woody McBride stands in front of the small clapboard house where he runs Communique Records, squinting into the sun. He's discussing techno--something he can do for hours--while a photographer pushes a camera into his face. "Stop talking," he's told...

    by Will Hermes on February 17, 1997
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    Electronic Flashbacks

    Electronic bands have proliferated in Minneapolis since the mid-'80s. But the scene has always remained underground and barely documented. Here's an incomplete summary, in four loosely chronological categories: Wide Angle Records/Hanover Fist. The Wi...

    by Simon Peter Groebner on February 17, 1997
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    Brother Sun Sister Moon

    by Simon Peter Groebner "The kind of world I would love," says Paul Robb, chomping on a cigar, "is one where people don't care what instrument you're making music from, as long as it sounds good." Up inside the Northeast Minneapolis warehouse loft th...

    by Simon Peter Groebner on February 17, 1997
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    DJ Psychomatic

    Acrowd has gathered at a residence located on Twenty-something Street and some avenue west of Nicollet and east of Hennepin on a Saturday evening. They come from word-of-mouth; on the streets, people know DJ Psychomatic makes a good party live as shi...

    by James Cook on February 17, 1997
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