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    Finding Makeba by Alexs D. Pate - PRINTED MATTER

    Putnam Minneapolis writer Alexs Pate doesn't put on airs. His second novel, Finding Makeba, isn't precious or wordy, nor is it ostentatiously terse. Pate invests his energy in capturing the emotional nuances of a topically overheated premise--a blac...

    by Britt Robson on February 12, 1997
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    Bennies From Heaven

    ONE EVENING WHEN I was 15, I fell from a chin-up bar in our basement and landed on my head. In an hour or two I had a fist-sized swelling, and my parents packed me into the station wagon and set off for emergency. I lay stretched out in the back, od...

    by Terri Sutton on February 12, 1997
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    All in the Family

    IT'S LIKE ONE of those holiday family fights: Everyone's offended, nobody will say exactly what happened, and the real issue is something else entirely. The way Minneapolis officials tell the story, it's all about the way two state legislators recen...

    by City Pages Staff on February 12, 1997
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    A Great Noise by Marisa Monte - MUSIC

    Metro Blue Already a major star in her native Brazil, Marisa Monte again seems primed for a stateside commercial breakthrough on A Great Noise, despite singing nearly all the tunes in Portuguese. Monte's fourth CD consolidates the strengths of her p...

    by Britt Robson on February 12, 1997
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    Latyrx by Lateef and Lyrics Born - MUSIC

    SoleSides Just as underground rock didn't really exist for the first decade of the rock era--until rock became sophisticated and codified enough to need an underground--it's taken a decade after rap's emergence as a commercial force for a hip-hop un...

    by Roni Sarig on February 12, 1997
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    Baby Bird Ugly Beautiful - MUSIC

    Echo import Obscurity does breed some wonderful surprises. Take Baby Bird: Over the past seven years, Stephen Jones, a former cinema usher (among other less-than-glamorous vocations), wrote and recorded 400 or so songs on 4-track tape recorder in hi...

    by Matt Keppel on February 12, 1997
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    Radio On: A Listener's Diary by Sarah Vowell - PRINTED MATTER

    St. Martin's Press Listening to the Unholy Trinity of Limbaugh, Liddy, and imminent bio-pic hero Howard Stern, it's clear that strange currents are coursing through America's airwaves. Into this prickly breach of modern broadcasting steps critic (an...

    by Marc Weingarten on February 12, 1997
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    The King of Persia by Walt Holcombe - PRINTED MATTER

    Accordion Press Imagine how happy that little old guy from the Monopoly game would be if he were to shed a few pounds, be crowned king, and have a harem of beautiful women at his disposal. Well, that's the basic set-up in The King of Persia, whose ...

    by Heidi Olmack on February 12, 1997
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    The Late Shift HBO Home Video - MOVING PICTURES

    Leno and Letterman may grace the box cover of The Late Shift, but it's Leno's manager Helen Kushnick and former CAA agent Michael Ovitz who are the true stars of the show. Kathy Bates plays Kushnick as a relentlessly cruel yet incredibly effective m...

    by Dennis Cass on February 12, 1997
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    Lumire and Company Fox Lorber Home Video - MOVING PICTURES

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Lumire Brothers' invention of motion picture photography in 1995, Philippe Poulet, who restores the original Lumire cameras at the Lyon Cinema Museum in France, asked 40 big-time international directors ...

    by A.S. Hamrah on February 12, 1997
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    Loaded Miramax Home Video - MOVING PICTURES

    A house in which a suicide occurred. A room that must not be entered. A guilty memory, in flashback, of a childhood death. A scrapbook of serial killers. If you think you're watching a horror movie, then you've fallen right into the trap that Loaded...

    by Steve Schroer on February 12, 1997
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    Rach and Roll

    GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC films always have a daunting piece of music woven through the score--often in a role that accomplishes more than just ambience. Remember Mozart's "Requiem Mass" haunting Tom Hulce's Wolfy in Amadeus, or Gary Oldman's Beethoven ...

    by Mark Aamot on February 5, 1997
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    Killing Time

    Tape's Rolling KTCA-TV, Thursdays at 7:30P 12:00 a.m. From the chair where I am sitting, I can see a stack of eight videotapes adjacent to my VCR. Seven of the tapes are VHS-formatted T-30's manufactured by the 3M corporation; one is a T-60 of the ...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 5, 1997
  • For Services Rendered


    For Services Rendered

    MOST OF THE headlines and TV coverage of Bill Clinton's press conference last week highlighted the president's proclamations of a newly minted commitment to campaign finance reform. The hypocrisy of these preachings was underscored by an editorial i...

    by Doug Ireland on February 5, 1997
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    The Polish Inquisition - Is the Catholic Church engaging in its own kind of ethnic cleansing in Northeast Minneapolis?

    An eagle's eye view of Northeast Minneapolis would show an inordinate number of church spires: the onion-shaped parapets of St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church; the dark, ornate peaks rising from St. John's Byzantine Church; the solid, plain towers s...

    by Beth Hawkins on February 5, 1997
  • Big Deal Meal


    Big Deal Meal

    It's four o'clock in the morning, Zimbabwe time, and Greazy Meal's Tom Scott is fresh off a plane from Africa. He's hanging out by the bar before a gig at the Cabooze, talking about a ritual he's just participated in known as the Meat of the Son-in-...

    by Britt Robson on February 5, 1997
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    Getting Well Off Welfare - Poverty pimps, like nature, abhor a vacuum.

    THE NATIONAL GOVERNORS' conference passed this week without any unbecoming public fuss about the details of welfare reform as it will be practiced by the various states. The president was made to promise some additional assistance for a small class o...

    by Steve Perry on February 5, 1997
  • Shell, Texaco, and the Bonds of Oily Wedlock


    Shell, Texaco, and the Bonds of Oily Wedlock

    You'd think that a merger of two oil giants giving the new partners a 15 percent armlock on the domestic fuel market would arouse some public comment, if not outrage and obloquy. In the old days members of Congress--particularly those from the North...

    by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn on February 5, 1997
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    The Proposed Twins Park: Stadium or Ball Mall? - Take Me Out to the Strip Mall...

    HOW FITTING THAT the Minnesota Twins chose the Mall of America as the site for the public unveiling of blueprints for a proposed baseball stadium. In keeping with the Twins' desire for a "themed environment where the ballgame is the centerpiece of a...

    by City Pages Staff on February 5, 1997
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    Fish Tales

    UNDERWATER WORLD, the freestanding aquarium at the Mall of America, made an impressive debut last year: Some 6,500 people per day laid down $5-$9 to gawk at exotic ocean life. Since then attendance has fallen off by about 2,000 a day. And while aqua...

    by Mary Ellen Egan on February 5, 1997
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