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    Children Last - A Minnesota native's case lays waste to U.S. cant about the drug war and child protection.

    YEARS FROM NOW, when people are moved to wonder how Americans sold so many basic liberties down the river so cheaply, they will find that the lion's share of it was done in the name of protecting children and prosecuting the war on drugs. Every day...

    by Steve Perry on April 30, 1997
  • Living Clean - The Minnesota AIDS Project tries to shoot a clean-syringes provision through the Legislature.


    Living Clean - The Minnesota AIDS Project tries to shoot a clean-syringes provision through the Legislature.

    "I've been thinking about this for a couple of days," she says, her dilated pupils floating without focus; a half-bottle of Contac cold medicine slurring her speech; a late-day trip to the methadone clinic stilling the smoke-filled air with pregnan...

    by David Schimke on April 30, 1997
  • Scab Sandwich


    Scab Sandwich

    IN ITS PROMOTIONAL materials, the Missouri-based consulting firm, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA), boasts that it's "the nation's recognized leader in assisting hospitals to counter union organizing efforts." In January, Fairview Health S...

    by Joseph Hart on April 30, 1997
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    The End of Welfare as we Know it - The outlook for Minnesota

    The board of commissioners of each county (shall) MAY annually levy taxes and fix a rate sufficient to produce (the full) AN amount (required) for poor relief, general assistance, aid to dependent children, (sufficient to produce the full amount ne...

    by Monika Bauerlein on April 30, 1997
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    Welfare reform through the ages: a talk with Frances Fox Piven

    At a time when welfare-reform debate consists largely of differences in opinion over just how much should be cut, there's something profoundly refreshing about a voice like Frances Fox Piven's. She and her husband, Richard Cloward, have been called...

    by Monika Bauerlein on April 30, 1997
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    Welfare Reform - by the numbers

    Percent of Americans who tell pollsters the government is spending too much on "people on welfare": 66 Percent who say the government spends too much on "poor children": 9 Percent who think the government should be cutting benefits to low-incom...

    by Monika Bauerlein on April 30, 1997
  • Guv Groupies - A key hire by the Dayton campaign marks the start of the gubernatorial sweepstakes


    Guv Groupies - A key hire by the Dayton campaign marks the start of the gubernatorial sweepstakes

    NEVER MIND THAT the election is still a year and a half away, looks like things are beginning to move in the DFL gubernatorial contest. Much of the speculative buzz for the past six months has been about where the Wellstonians would go: The core gr...

    by City Pages Staff on April 30, 1997
  • Spice, Spice, Baby


    Spice, Spice, Baby

    Urban75's "Slap a Spice Girl" website IF YOU'VE EVER felt like belting the Spice Girls when their single "Wannabe" plays on MTV, you're not alone. Now a Brixton, U.K. webzine called Urban75 has invented an...

    by Christina Schmitt on April 23, 1997
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    The Pulp Parachute: How Louisiana-Pacific Got Paid To Destroy the Tongass

    One of the most lucrative and environmentally destructive deals in the history of the forest products industry was closed recently with the unfurling of an enormous golden parachute for a $2 billion a year timber company courtesy of the federal trea...

    by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn on April 23, 1997
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    One Toke Over the Line

    KEO ZILAY WAS 6 years old when he fled Laos in 1979. His family dodged bullets as they escaped across the Mekong River on a makeshift raft. Twelve years after the family settled in Minnesota, Zilay--not his real name--was arrested on a minor drug of...

    by Mary Ellen Egan on April 23, 1997
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    State's Evidence - A police informant with a mile-long rap sheet proves unreliable in at least the third--but possibly not the last--of the so-called "Bloods" cases.

    When 19-year-old Milton Lewis accepted the plea prosecutors offered him in the 1995 killing of Steven Taylor, the sentence seemed fair. Five years in prison seemed like a reasonable sentence for second degree unintentional felony murder--essentially...

    by Beth Hawkins on April 23, 1997
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    YOU CAN ADD more than $840,000 to the cost borne by Minneapolis taxpayers for discriminatory hiring practices at the Minneapolis Fire Department. That's the upshot of a recent ruling by Hennepin County District Judge Harry Crump, who ordered that th...

    by Britt Robson on April 23, 1997
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    Their Own Private Alamo

    THE HOUSTON ROCKETS have a troika of 34-year-old superstars who have been waiting for the 1997 NBA Playoffs to begin since last August, when the uniquely gifted forward Charles Barkley came over in a trade with Phoenix, joining superlative guard Cly...

    by Britt Robson on April 23, 1997
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    Hoops and Ladders - How sports are wrecking schools.

    The sporting press has long since anointed El-Amin the best high school point guard in the United States, and he is, hands down, the most widely publicized and frantically recruited high school athlete in Minnesota history. With sometimes unseemly a...

    by B.J. Williams on April 23, 1997
  • Nixon's Ghost


    Nixon's Ghost

    THIS YEAR MARKS the 25th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, and while Richard Nixon may be dead and buried, his ghost is very much with us. The suffix "--gate" has become a universal journalistic marker of public scandal, and has burgeoned of la...

    by Doug Ireland on April 23, 1997
  • Lee's Last Call - Historic juke jointed slated to become city garage.


    Lee's Last Call - Historic juke jointed slated to become city garage.

    LAST SATURDAY NIGHT, Minneapolis City Council member Jim Niland was among more than 350 music fans packed into Lee's Lounge and Liquor Bar, digging Texan songsmith Dale Watson and the "Honkiest Tonkiest Band in the Land.'' Early Monday, Niland met wi...

    by City Pages Staff on April 23, 1997
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    Into the Rapture

    THERE'S A STORY we tell ourselves about youth: When we were young, the story begins, we danced all night, drank 'til we dropped, fell in love every afternoon. Back then, we say, we did drugs and listened to music that went well with drugs; "back in...

    by Terri Sutton on April 16, 1997
  • Chasing Chasey


    Chasing Chasey

    AS FAR AS I know, I've never met a porn star before. But hell--carpe diem. Chasey Lain is a face (among other anatomy parts) on more than 40 video boxes that I am familiar with after a two-year stint ringing up customers at a local adult gift shop,...

    by Amanda Ferguson on April 16, 1997
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    Unhealthy Practice

    WHEN ERIKA THORNE'S big toe first swelled up, she didn't think twice--the professional dancer was used to having sore feet. When she finally went to get it checked out at the Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC), the doctor recognized a n...

    by Joseph Hart on April 16, 1997
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    Business Classes

    THINKING OF DUCKING out to Target for a saucepan, some panty hose, and a new air filter? Add to that list an education for the kids at one of the Twin Cities' most sought-after Montessori schools. Largely unnoticed amid the debate over charter schoo...

    by Todd Renschler on April 16, 1997
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