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    Snug as a Bug in a Rug(rat) - One popular animated TV show is part of the holiday movie stocking stuffers

    The Rugrats Movie Paramount Pictures and Viacom International, Inc. 1998 Now showing. Check local listings for theaters and showtimes. The "holiday movie" phenomenon is comfortably old and annoyingly new. Movie studios have always counted ...

    by Phil Anderson on December 1, 1998
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    Estate Sale - Sifting the sundries of a lifetime

    A steep staircase opens directly into the sewing room at the top of her small house. Dormer windows give a view of the quiet street below. The walls of the longish room are white, with little tables scattered about. Jumbled with bits of fabric, the...

    by Alison McGhee on December 1, 1998
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    "It's the Thought that Counts . . ." - Is there any wisdom left to squeeze from this dried-out old bit of gift-giving advice?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. You've heard it all before. After searching through forty-two stores in twelve different shopping malls, standing in line for hours, and shelling out a huge bundle of your hard-earned bucks to buy your kid that extra-special prese...

    by Michael K. Meyerhoff on December 1, 1998
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    For Sale - Searching for a sense of place

    My six-year-old son Luke is engrossed in play with his best friend, Josh, as a crew of neighborhood men help Josh's family move. The new house is only a few miles away, but to my son, it might as well be on another continent. He senses the end of l...

    by Corey G. Gunderson on December 1, 1998
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    Grounded Angels

    Angels are today's media darlings. While Tess and Monica sprinkle gold on CBS ratings via "Touched by an Angel" and "Promised Land," winged actors fly into our hearts at the movies. But I owe my first run-in with angels to the United States Air ...

    by Pamela J. Wilson on December 1, 1998
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    Place: Snap, Buckle, and Crop

    I've lost track of the number of times I've heard some guy tell me he needs to replace his leather jacket because his was stolen the next morning by a trick," says Scott Kelley. "But I've never heard that story from a woman." Kelley, 51, salesman...

    by Michael Dahl on December 1, 1998
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    Jesus Has Left the Building - The aftermath of Christ's evacuation

    "How many of us have accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ, into our hearts?" asked the fleshy, blemished, spectacled young woman. All the children proudly raised their little hands except me. The juvenile-looking woman and her fellow Bible-school educat...

    by Julia Ramirez on December 1, 1998
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    Person: Elf Esteem

    Peter Rothstein's theatrical career began amid gingerbread and fake frosting in the Grand Rapids Elementary production of Hansel and Gretel. Rothstein, then a first-grader, didn't have much of a part, but he knew he was destined for life in the lim...

    by Joel Hoekstra on December 1, 1998
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    Out of Place - What makes a homo feel at home?

    Are we going to have to move?" my friend Drake kept asking--several times a week, in fact--as the November election approached. With same-sex marriage and a repeal of the state's human-rights law being debated, he feared that Minnesota's climate fo...

    by Jim Foti on December 1, 1998
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    Scan It: Knew You Were Waiting

    Let it never be said George Michael hides from adversity. After his arrest for lewd conduct in front of one of California's finest last spring, the former Wham! frontman has bounced back with a greatest-hits package featuring a new single and video...

    by Lisa Needham on December 1, 1998
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    Scan It: Rooms of their Own

    Michael Cunningham's remarkable new novel, The Hours (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, $22), begins with a harrowing depiction of Virginia Woolf's suicide in 1941. War has begun, and Woolf is again hearing those voices in her head, the same voices that ...

    by Thomas Fagan on December 1, 1998
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    It's for You

    I wish I could drop by my sister's house after supper. Then Margo and I could discuss our respective days while she worked in her yard. I'd be there to advise her about the overbearing first-grader who's been bullying my niece. And she would sympat...

    by Ellen Shriner on December 1, 1998
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    Being There - A Reflection On Parenting

    It was a ludicrous sight--one that struck a little too close to home. I was sitting on my front porch taking one of those rare moments to enjoy a bright summer morning. A young dad came cycling down the street, his child behind him in a bright blue...

    by Edward J. Colon on December 1, 1998
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    Signs of Faith

    I'm driving home in the rain at seven-thirty on a dark Wednesday night. I forgot to eat lunch; my last meal was a late breakfast of shredded wheat, and my head is pounding. I've been proofreading all day; my eyes feel totally shot. I'm sitting at a...

    by Jeannine Ouellette Howitz on December 1, 1998
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    To Dance is to Live!

    Nancy Schmotter watches with pride as her eleven-year-old daughter, Laura, uses her head to maneuver her wheelchair to the center of the dance studio and faces the mirror in preparation for her solo. "I have many dreams for Laura," Nancy says. "I w...

    by Carstens Smith on December 1, 1998
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    It's a Sista Thang - A local zine for the "go girls" on its way to making Gloria Steinem proud

    HUES Magazine $3.95 cover price $19.99 for one-year (six issues) subscription Minnesota pro-girl smart chicks, get proud. Thanks to Duluth's New Moon Publishing, we're home to HUES, a new young women's bimonthly mag that stands tall in chunky...

    by Ann Rosenquist Fee on December 1, 1998
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    The Stifling of the Body Electric - Remember, the mind's the thing

    The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg Random House, 1997 $13 (paperback) In 1892, an adolescent girl confided to her diary: "Resolved, not to talk about myself or feelings. To think before speaki...

    by Amy Timberlake on December 1, 1998
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    by MP Staff on December 1, 1998
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    Unnatural Law - Chances are, what you do in bed is criminal

    I'm a law-abiding person. I don't cheat on my taxes or cross against the light and I always clean up after my dog. Yet even my respect for the law can't keep me from committing a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota. I've committed sodomy, and I intend t...

    by Melodie Bahan on December 1, 1998
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    Show Off - Coffee-table books speak volumes about character--and the characters we want to be

    Let's be honest: Most coffee-table books are good for about 10 minutes of actual reading time. Filled with dazzling ink-saturated images and inherently fluffy text, these tomes are always more interesting when viewed with others. If conversation lu...

    by Lisa Needham on December 1, 1998
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