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    TO SELL A BURGER NO DOUBT YOU noticed the most recent outbreak of innovative billboard ads colonizing roadside space around the Twin Cities. I'm talking about those black & white snapshots of "real kids" caught in close-up reactions to "real life...

    by Julie Caniglia on June 5, 1996
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    Fighting Progress

    IN THE LARGEST public demonstration to date against the pending demolition of Minneapolis's northside Sumner Field public housing project, nearly 40 Southeast Asian residents and former residents showed up at the project last Wednesday wi...

    by Jennifer Vogel on June 5, 1996
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    All New! Page 3

    AEROBICS: THE WORLD'S OLDEST PROFESSION The fitness world is trapped in the '80s, dropping dollars like Stairmaster sweat on the same old corporate gyms and their anti-cellulite jihad. Hello?! We think it's time to bring fitness in...

    by City Pages Staff on June 5, 1996
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    Cowboy Dave's Last Ride?

    DAVE RONNING TOOLS around the Phillips neighborhood in a beat-up red truck and a battered, sweat-stained Stetson. Known as "Cowboy Dave" to friend and foe alike, Ronning calls himself a transplanted prairie cowboy who has received a "higher calling...

    by Unknown on May 29, 1996
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    The Shots No One Heard - Terrance Jackson's wife put three bullets in him. He almost died. She got 30 days in the workhouse.

    Terrance Jackson remembers standing in the middle of his living room as two Minneapolis patrol cops passed him on their way out the door. Nothing they could do, they said. Which left him alone with Stacy again. The police knew that his wi...

    by Jennifer Vogel on May 29, 1996
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    Bill Clinton's politics of meaning. - Four More Years

    Bill Clinton's politics of meaning. Four More Years THERE IS NO more damning comment on the state of politics and public life than the fortunes of Bill Clinton. No one likes him, and everyone takes for granted that he is going to be re-elected. This ...

    by Steve Perry on May 29, 1996
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    The Peacemaker

    THE UNIVERSITY OF Minnesota Board of Regents, wracked by controversy about the future of academic tenure at the school, has hired a consultant to guide it through the process of redesigning the school's tenure code. If history is any indication, Dr...

    by F.J. Gallagher on May 29, 1996
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    ALICE IN TECHNOLAND THIS PAST SATURDAY, while Edgefest was presenting perhaps the greatest assortment of mediocre alternative rock bands (demigod Iggy Pop aside) that the Midwest had ever seen, a different scene entirely was taking place on the o...

    by Will Hermes on May 29, 1996
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    Everything Flow

    WITH A THEME so ubiquitous, elemental, and essential as H2O, one wonders how the curators of Watershed, currently on view at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, limited themselves to just 10 artists. For their part, the artists responded with wor...

    by Julie Caniglia on May 22, 1996
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    Anchors Awry - Arabs stole the anchorwoman! and other tales of sweeps month.

    THE GOOD NEWS about TV news is that audience-tracking technology has all but rendered sweeps periods obsolete except as a matter of custom. Or maybe this is the bad news, since sweeps months like the one we're living through now are practically the ...

    by Steve Perry on May 22, 1996
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    Soft Money Hardball

    THE CAMPAIGN OF U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone is taking the gloves off in its fight with a Republican candidate who's as yet unnamed, but has already been getting hefty advertising help from the national GOP. Over the past few weeks, no one who listened...

    by Monika Bauerlein on May 22, 1996
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    Dinosaur Politics

    "ARE YOU NOW or have you ever been an opponent of Irv Anderson for Speaker of the House?" It's not usually phrased like this, but the "Irv question" is turning into something of a new litmus test for DFLers, and it could provide fireworks at the pa...

    by Monika Bauerlein on May 22, 1996
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    Fingerhut Follies

    THERE MIGHT HAVE been another way to get a meeting with the boss, but this round worked: Members of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and Textile Employees walked into Fingerhut's annual meeting last Wednesday to demand that management talk to...

    by Monika Bauerlein on May 22, 1996
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    End Notes

    CITY PAGES ARTS/MUSIC editor Will Hermes received notice last week that he was a winner in the second annual Music Journalism Awards; he took the prize for best columnist/commentary in a newsweekly for his Jerry Garcia memorial, "Asleep in the Star...

    by City Pages Staff on May 22, 1996
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    The Wise Use Movement Up Close

    Mustered in Reno, Nevada, on Mother's Day weekend were the leaders of the anti-environmental crowd, known as the Wise Use Movement. One of the present writers--Jeffrey St. Clair--was there as an invited speaker from the enemy camp, thus afforded an...

    by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn on May 22, 1996
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    Kangaroo Court

    THE POWER STRUGGLE that's been unfolding at the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union since March appears to be taking a prominent casualty: Executive Director Micheal Moore. The latest episode in the MCLU's boardroom drama concluded last week following ...

    by Deborah Caulfield Rybak on May 22, 1996
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    Deconcentrating Poverty and Other Scams - How a growing number of Twin Cities neighborhoods are driving out the poor.

    Julie and Bruce Khalilzadegan bought Phalen Place in 1989. The string of eight three-story walkups sat among dozens of similar structures on a "superblock" on St. Paul's East Side. Buildings there typically face parking lots instead of streets, and...

    by Monika Bauerlein on May 22, 1996
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    Losing It

    For several years now, Murray Tate has been watching his life--daily rhythms, details regarding his loved ones, directions to the gas station up the street--slip away from him a little at a time. Alzheimer's is like that. Murray Tate has vivid mem...

    by Britt Robson on May 22, 1996
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    Dynamic Duo

    I WENT TO a recent Hijack performance at Bryant-Lake Bowl, fully expecting to see a modest dance program befitting BLB's postage stamp of a space. Quelle surprise--as part of Take Me to Cuba, choreographers Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon jammed ...

    by Unknown on May 15, 1996
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    Hard Times - Penile implants are supposed to make life better for men rendered impotent by injury or sickness. Sometimes they just make matters worse.

    For Bob Carson the story starts almost 20 years ago in a ditch on the side of a highway. "I was out on a service call, towing a car," he says. "I pulled off to the side of the road and was stringing the cable out and a guy rear-ended my tow truck. ...

    by Michael Tortorello on May 15, 1996
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