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    Park and Ride

    Anyone following sports in the Twin Cities over the past 20 years knows that whether the hometown team won or lost wasn't always as important as where they played the games. The first substantive sports story to appear in City Pages (then known as S...

    by Britt Robson on August 4, 1999
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    Young Spuds in a Longhorn Daze

    The late Seventies weren't exactly an era for what the Clash called "the career opportunity (the one that never knocks)." Unless you were making Minneapolis your hang. With inflation and unemployment under President and peanut farmer Jimmy Carter at...

    by Martin Keller on August 4, 1999
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    Film for Art's Sake

    The first film review ever printed in Sweet Potato proved uncharacteristic of the paper's critical rigor. Defending The Blues Brothers in July 1980 (in a column directly preceding a two-page color ad for the movie), then-associate editor Randy Ander...

    by Rob Nelson on August 4, 1999
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    The Woodchopper's Bawl

    "Like loggers," wrote arts editor Patricia Ohmans in 1993, "City Pages arts writers spend a great deal of time chopping down trees and very little time surveying the forest." When Ohmans made this assessment in her report on "The State of the Arts,"...

    by Peter Ritter on August 4, 1999
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    Monika Bauerlein (Monika Bauerlein has been managing editor of City Pages since 1990.) What I know so far: That it's possible to do what you love and love what you do. That the bad guys don't always win. That sometimes they do. That the whole is g...

    by City Pages Staff on August 4, 1999
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    Bio Feedback

    Here's one of the better-kept little secrets of the newspaper business: Journalists love letters. Every week after we finally shove the paper out the door, we wait. We check our voice mail. Scan our e-mail. Slink past the reception desk to see if w...

    by Monika Bauerlein on August 4, 1999
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    One Jams and One Soars - Two albums that express what quality children's music should be

    40 Fingers Neotribal Elemental Sound www.elementalsound.com and www.40fingers.com Ted Jacobs A Child's Garden of Songs Music for Little People R2 75683 Anyone who has ever been to a so-called drum jam knows what a chaotic and unsatis...

    by Scott Robinson on August 1, 1999
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    Fair Is Fair - Ruminations on toddlers and sharing

    Sharing is hard. I don't know a toddler who ever truly did a very good job of it. It goes against their very nature. And lately I've begun to wonder why we even try to teach it at that age. Wouldn't it make more sense to just get through the day pe...

    by Amy Scott on August 1, 1999
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    An Ex by Any Other Name

    I grew up reading Ann Landers and Dear Abby. I still read them, when I buy the paper, which isn't often, as I get most of my news online. When I do peruse their advice, often it's to make fun. I'm a liberal, a feminist, and I disagree frequently wi...

    by J. Spike Gillespie on August 1, 1999
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    Adoption After Remarriage - One family's story

    Zach was excited about the marriage. The day Kevin and I got engaged, Zach's first words were "Now when someone asks me about my dad, I'll have something to say!" We included him in the wedding preparations, and he had the honor of walking me down ...

    by Lisa Beamer on August 1, 1999
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    Something to Say to Harriet

    I've been wandering around the house for two days, trying to figure out what to say to Harriet. My three surviving kids watch me from over their Playstation controllers. My husband eyes me over the Sunday paper. What I want to say is not in my be...

    by Debra Lehnhard on August 1, 1999
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    Building a Friendship Bridge - What to do when parenting styles differ

    While awaiting the birth of my first child, I had all sorts of mommy-to-be worries. I worried about labor. I worried about learning how to take care of this new person. I worried about having time with my husband once our cozy couple became a trio....

    by Lain Chroust Ehmann on August 1, 1999
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    Menarche - A journey with our daughters

    I grew up in an open, "modern" family. Sex was discussed frankly and factually. We had free access to friendly, illustrated books explaining puberty, and when I turned ten, my mother gave me a giant box from a "feminine hygiene" company, filled wi...

    by Dawn Friedman on August 1, 1999
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    Life Before Birth - Unfolding possibilities

    About a dozen years ago, I stumbled across a mystery. I was working on a book about the postpartum bonding time, gathering parents' personal stories, when I was struck by an unexpected fact. Quite a few parents emphasized that their connection with...

    by Elisabeth Hallett on August 1, 1999
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    My Best Friend and My Wedding - A tale of prenuptial jitters

    My best friend and I sat in her car outside the church where, later that evening, I was scheduled to be married. With my wedding dress and her bridesmaid's dress neatly laid out across the back seat, we surveyed the scene before us. Caterers and fl...

    by Katie Allison Granju on August 1, 1999
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    The Paper Route

    Yeah, yeah, I know I told you last month that I was leaving, and I am leaving, but remember, I said August was my last issue. So I'm going to go ahead and tell you one more story, or I won't be worth my salt. When I was nine years old, I took my...

    by Jeannine Ouellette Howitz on August 1, 1999
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    Reflections of a Kindergarten Mother

    I didn't think I ever wanted kids. Now Raffi is my favorite musician and I can't picture my life without a small child on my lap. I warned my husband-to-be that I didn't see motherhood in my future and ended up talking him into a third child. We di...

    by Kerin Mcteigue O'Connor on August 1, 1999
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    Totally Off-Limits - Two books that help girls discover the joy of journaling

    Totally Private & Personal: Journaling Ideas for Girls and Young Women The Absolutely True, Positively Awesome Book About...ME! The dead of summer. She is eleven. She's perched on the deck painting her toenails Sludge and contemplating her sel...

    by Ann Rosenquist Fee on August 1, 1999
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    The Art of Family

    Pass the Child, Please by Natalie Edwards My mother once explained why our heavy pearl-handled silver and embossed linens were marked with an elaborate S and it was not as I thought. The S did not stand for Sawyer, her mother's married name, bu...

    by MP Staff on August 1, 1999
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    Life-long Learning Directory

    MUSIC CitySongs 386 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Ave, U of M, St. Paul 612-624-8725 ssw.che.umn.edu/centers.html#CitySongs CitySongs is a free music program offered to all youth in grades 3-8 offering music instruction and practise, special a...

    by MP Staff on August 1, 1999
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