April Fools Day the next Y2K? Run for your lives!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day and the world is probably ending. Computers infected with a virus will join forces and destroy everything in their path. Get ready for it.

After the lackluster Y2K computer freak out, we aren't so worried that all hell will break loose tomorrow. Experts are warning that up to 10 million computers running Microsoft Windows (suckers!) could be infected with an Internet worm known as Conficker. And even these so-called experts don't know what it will do when it "wakes up" from its deep slumber just in time to fool everyone.

More from the Pioneer Press:

Shavlik Technologies, a Roseville company that sells software to manage program patches for businesses using Windows, is offering a free download that can detect the vulnerability. The Shavlik software also will help get around an effort by the worm to prevent infected computers from getting patched.

The worm, also known as Downadup, is believed to be programmed to wake up and seek further instructions on Wednesday from one or several of 50,000 Web sites.

Earlier versions were released starting in November; the last version, released earlier this month, was modified to make it harder for computer security experts to block it.

The efforts by the worm to evade eradication are earmarks of criminals who use worms to lasso large numbers of machines into a network of obedient robots or "bot nets," experts said.

So what could this little internet worm do? Experts say they could do anything from collecting your financial data, drain your bank account or murder you in your sleep. You can try to stop it, but it probably won't work. Either way, it's a good idea to be safe. There are several updates for your Windows computer that should protect you.

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