Apple promo goof buries Chaska flower shop in phone calls

"Want to try FaceTime? Give us a call," the Apple promo text message said to iPhone 4 users on Friday, pitching a cool new feature that lets users see each other while they talk on the phone.

Just one little problem. The number in the message sent out to try and win new users was 1-888-332-3846, and that number belongs to Brilliant Bouquet Company in Chaska.

Apple meant to send out this number: 1-888-FACETIME (322-3846). But ever since the gaffe, thousands of people have called the shop -- and caused a major headache.

From the company's Facebook page:

Brilliant Bouquet Company got their 30 seconds of fame today thanks to Fox9. Check out the article. It was a pretty crazy day to say the least and one that will def. go in the books. Now if only we got 3,000 calls in one day for flowers.. Not to try out a new app released by apple. We made many new friends from around the country atleast!

"My business and my customers have not been able to continue due to this problem," store owner Taylor Ratcliff told Fox9. "Our phones have yet to stop ringing and nobody at Apple or AT&T can figure out how to fix this problem and it took me over an hour to get any of them to talk to me about this problem."

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