Anti-war activists march through downtown Minneapolis


A group of anti-war activists made good on their plans to march down Hennepin Avenue in the rush hour traffic last night to protest the escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Minneapolis police arrested one group of protesters who tried to block traffic at 10th Street South and Third Avenue.

MNDaily estimated that about 100 protesters took part, carrying signs and chanting slogans under the gaze of police officers on horseback. Squad cars and vans followed behind.

Direct Action to Stop War and Occupation organized Wednesday's march. Another protest is planned for 1 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and and Lake Street.

President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that he was sending another 30,000 troops to fight in the now eight-year-old Afghanistan war, bringing the total U.S. troop commitment to 100,000. In all, 929 Americans have died in the war.