Anti-Levy Mercenary on the Loose in Robbinsdale

Minnesotans in 99 school districts will vote Tuesday on $229 million dollars in school levy money. The Robbinsdale district keeps popping up in the news because of organized opposition to its levy, fueled in part by Paul Dorr--an Iowa-based consultant and a sort of mercenary who hires himself out to defeat exactly the kind of levy Robbinsdale is trying to pass. City Pages took a close look at Dorr in 2005--turns out Molly Priesmeyer's profile was quite prescient.

When we looked at Dorr's work and history in 2005, he was engaged in a battle to defeat a school bond referendum in the small Minnesota town of Lyle.

From The Gospel According to Paul Dorr:

In the weeks leading up to the vote, the people of Lyle had heard Dorr's name bandied about everywhere. They knew that Dorr had been the key figure in defeating school bond referendums throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Minnesota. They knew that in less than two years, Dorr had worked in six other school districts in southern Minnesota, and that in April he was battling to snuff out the bond issue in Lyle and an $18.9 million referendum in Blooming Prairie.

They'd come across more colorful details about him, too. They had heard rumors about him selling Y2K goods. They'd heard that he once accused an Iowa judge of promoting bestiality because she was part owner of a Budweiser distributorship in northwest Iowa. His evidence was an ad featuring a talking chimp who flirts with a woman. (It ended up that it wasn't the judge, but her sister-in-law of the same name who owned the distributorship). All of these stories about Dorr turned out to be true.

Dorr was clear about his mission in 2005, and our profile ends with this proclamation: "My solution for Christians: Stop fueling tax consumption wherever we lawfully can and abandon their 'schools.' Let them devour themselves without us. We have a future to build."