Anti-gay MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen introduces ex-gay friend on House floor [VIDEO]

We've got news for ya, Glenn -- just because someone has kids doesn't mean they're straight.
We've got news for ya, Glenn -- just because someone has kids doesn't mean they're straight.
Gruenhagen (right) and his ex-gay friend Kevin Petersen (left)

This legislative session, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, has emerged as Minnesota's leading caveman critic of the "gay lifestyle" and everything that follows from it, including the desire to get married.

At a news conference last months, Gruenhagen characterized homosexuality as "an unhealthy, sexual addiction." Then, during a speech on the House floor last week, he said the undermining of "traditional marriage" had resulted in an untenable situation where the government is allegedly paying minority "welfare" recipients to have more and more children.

FROM LAST SESSION: Senate rejects effort to block tax dollars from being used for ex-gay therapy

But Gruenhagen may have outdone himself yesterday, when he used a "point of personal privilege" on the House floor to introduce an ex-gay friend of his who allegedly turned straight and did the all-American thing -- get married and have some kidlums.

Here's a transcript of the remarks Gruenhagen made while introducing his friend and the response Speaker of the House Paul Thissen offered afterward, followed by the raw footage:

GRUENHAGEN: I have a close friend here, the last couple of years, his name is Kevin Petersen. Kevin, why don't you stand up and say hi?

The interesting thing about Kevin is that he was active in the gay lifestyle for about 10 years, and ah, then he left it, got married, and now he has three children. [A smattering of applause can be heard]

THISSEN: So we have had for a long time on this floor, the use of points of personal privilege to recognize friends and family, groups in the audience. That's not actually what points of personal privilege are for. They're to deal with the issues of privilege of members of this House on the floor.

So, from now on -- it really has gotten out of hand over the last several sessions -- from now, if you have a point of personal privilege about something that is going to be happening that relates to you as a member of this body and it's about your personal privilege, that will be recognized, but we're not going to be recognizing groups, we're not going to be recognizing family and friends on the House floor. You can do that in another format.

It would've been more satisfying had Thissen simply told Gruenhagen to shut the hell up and keep the gay hate to himself, wouldn't it?

Anyway, after that fiasco went down, MNGOP House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt issued this statement: "Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen's comments today on the floor were inappropriate, and it was not the proper use of a point of personal privilege."

It was easily the smelliest extra-curricular thing to happen at the Capitol since MNGOP Rep. Ernie Leidiger invited Bradlee Dean to deliver an outrageous anti-Obama speech on the House floor nearly two years ago.

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